I ~NEED~ the perfect Coach bag.....WHERE IS IT!!??

  1. O.k. girls seriously help me out here. Im getting so frustrated:cursing: I need the perfect LARGE Coach bag with a zip top, I HATE how the Carryalls the the Gallery totes have those freakin openings at the ends of the zippers! OY!! I hate my Carlys! They wont stay on my shoulder, major slippage! I've been loosing things out of my bags left and right lately at my kids sports games etc. My junk keeps falling out. O.K. so let me have it! I NEED YOUR HELP! Oh yes, MUST BE SIGNATURE, I've been having bad luck with my leathers lately too:nogood: Old style new style.....I dont care anymore. HELP!!!:sos:
  2. Well, it seems as though there's not much at Coach that's large with a zip top!!:confused1:
    I do love my Sig. med. Ergo Hobo! The large is huge!

  3. Lol! I have that one, a bit too small and the large is too large:wacko:
  4. Maybe see what the Bleecker collection has?
    I hate those weird zippers, too:tdown:. They are very impractical.
  5. Completely agree. I am going tomorrow to get a new baby, and one of the must is that it have a zipper or flap top and be big enough to put all my stuff in. There are not many that have the zip tops. I know exactly what you mean with the stupid gallery tops. Good luck!
  6. Agree that the zippers that you mentioned don't work for me either:tdown:

    I also bought the ergo large hobo.....yep too large ..If I put too much in it ...I can't put my arm down.

    I too am waiting for the new line in hopes to find one that works for me. In the meantime, I will keep searching:yes:
  7. the carly was like that the first couple of days i wore it but after some time, it fits good. it also depends on the shirt...
  8. I also hate the gallery tote zippers...grrrrr.. The new Legacy Flap bag is VERY roomy. Its not as large as the large ergo BUT definitely bigger than the medium. Its very comfortable on the shoulder (doesn't slip) and it comes in brown or khaki sig BUT it doesn't have the zipper you're looking for. If you're willing to try a flap bag, I'd say give that one a try. Otherwise, I'd wait for the Bleecker bags and go see them in person. Maybe one of those will fit the bill. :confused1:
  9. I had the EXACT same problem as you..I needed something for school to carry my laptop and books, but it's super rainy where I live so I wanted to be able to zip my bag closed. But, I also needed something that looked classy to take to conferences, etc. So...I ended up getting the Soho Penelope in black sig and it's perfect because it's big enough to carry a laptop plus other essentials and not too big that I feel like a mouse carrying it. Although I find it is getting to be a bit tired because I use it ALL the TIME. And it's in black signature BUT I think they've discontinued the style. Anyway, here it is. Style #10606. You might be able to find it on eBay or something. Hope this helps and good luck!
    penelope side.JPG Penelope.JPG penelope laptop.JPG
  10. p.s. another thing I love about Penelope is that she's got little grippy things (braided leather strips) on the handles so she stays on my shoulder PERFECTLY and comfortably.
  11. I share your frustration, too... :sad: I've been anticipating my large chocolate Carly and it arrived last night. I LOVE the bag but I don't think I look good carrying it... seems to be "heavy looking" on me and wish the strap was longer... I wanna cry! :crybaby:

    Which ones have weird zippers? It isn't this one is it? I'm thinking of exchanging Carly for it:

  12. Yes, it's those and the gallery totes...there was a thread about coach design pet peeves and this was one of the major ones...although I complained about it, I ended up w/ a gallery tote, and just hope I can deal w/this. Someone mentioned putting a small safety pin through the bottom end of the zipper, so you can unzip it to the end, but it won't completely come off. I'm going to try that!!

    I can totally agree w/ your frustration, Ranskimmie. I have tried on so many bags, and there always seems to be something amiss about them. :sad:

  13. I love this bag! And I must say it looks good on you!
  14. OK, I just got the ergo black patent large (roomy) hobo from the PCE...I took her out today for the first time. I got the most comments (very good) on her today over my other bags. It looks so chic with my jean, black shirt and black sandles. Really dressed my outfit up.
  15. I have a predecessor of the ergo from 2001/2002 (red/white/pink/beige striped)... love it! I wore it when visiting Coach this week and all the SAs ooh'd and aah'd! :tup: Interestingly, my hobo is larger than today's Ergo medium but smaller than today's Ergo large. Maybe you can find an older issue so that the size is more suitable for you?