I need that "POP" bag

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  1. Hi! I'm looking for that perfect "POP" bag for spring. I want to be able to use the Tattersall graffiti scarf and wristlet with it. I would like to keep it under $400. Links and modeling pics would be great!
  2. The pink patent!!!
  3. I love the Ergo! Do they have them at the outlets yet?
  4. ? ? ? ?
  5. Yes both bags are found at the outlets now, for about $160!
  6. Yes I would go with the Ergo bags I have 2 of them and totally love them. They are at the outlets now
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    I would recommend one of the salmon (coral?) colored factory bags that are currently at the outlets..... totally springy IMO.

    The '06 shoulder bag (the lookalike to the #10328 style) in that color is very cute.
    This color is also available in other styles like the "Ali" lookalike and also the Legacy satchel lookalike depending on what size of bag you want....

    This is the scarf you are wanting to use on it?
    Or are you getting the skinnier ponytail version?

  8. The skinner ponytail scarf.
  9. If you want "POP" I'd go with an Ergo like OP said! They are in the outlets and have a wide array of colors!! Good Luck deciding!!!
  10. I think with that scarf the possibilities are endless:yes: You're best bet would be the outlet because not only will the deals be better, but you will have a myriad of choices between boutique stock and factory bags. Have fun shopping!
  11. I would suggest taking the scarf with you (tie her on another bag that you are using that day) so that you can get a bag that is a good color match to go with her.

    You will have many bag options once you get to the outlet.
    Please post pics here of what bag you finally decide on getting.
  12. I also think the Ergo would be a good choice. But like others said, if you have an outlet nearby, you're sure to find something you love!
  13. ITA!:tup:
  14. Well the nearest outlet is three hours away....I wonder If I pick a color if they would have it shipped to my house....?