I need support

  1. Ok, so I've decided that I really want to get off this extra weight I'm carrying. I've tried to diet (LA Weight Loss recently) and I just cannot afford to spend another dime on things that aren't going to work.

    Can someone just help me get on the right track? Tell me what to do. I'll do almost anything.
  2. Awww Elongreach I love ya!!

    I totally know what u mean! I am going through the process right now...I need to lose 25-30 lbs:sad:

    If you don't mind me asking, how much do you want to lose? That can help indicate which diet to try, etc...like if you have quite a bit of weight to loose, a diet like Weight Watchers might be the best bc I have heard that it is really easy to live with.

    Also, I am following the book called "You On a Diet" that I saw on Oprah...lots and lots of helpful tips.

    I even went so far as to get an RX for Wellbutrin to kill my appetite. It has been working so far! I lost like 4 lbs in a week:smile: and that is with eating 1200 calories a day (no starving myself) and walking apx 30 minutes 5x a week!
  3. The first step is done- deciding what you want to do. Good for you!! :flowers:

    My best advice is this, eat small meals often. You should eat about 5-6 times a day, but small meals.

    Make sure you wake up and have breakfast-
    Try egg whites with some veggies or fruit. Have oatmeal with raisins. Mix it up a bit. try to get some sort of protein in every morning and eat a high energy meal.

    For a snack- try a handful of nuts (not peanuts) maybe almonds or a luna bar. This will keep your metabolism going.

    For lunch- have salad with a healthy carb and protein. For carb I would use some rice (brown, not white) or a sweet potato (much easier to digest than a white potato). For the meat, try to keep some left overs from the night before. Cut that all up and put it on a salad with a balsamic vinagarette or something lighter for dressing.

    Snack- Try some veggie slices or rice cracker with sliced turkey on it or a piece of fruit. Keeps the metabolism going.

    Dinner- IMPORTANT to get in protein, greens, and carb. For carbs- steer clear of anything white or processed. Brown rice is great for you, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta. For protein opt for a lean meat like turkey or chicken. Try to limit your red meat (but of course have more at the time of month that you need it :yes:) And for veggies- it is up to you!!!

    Also, try to get in 30 min of aerobic work out 3 times a week.

    Hope this helps- it really does work!!!!!!! Good luck and keep us posted! I can help more if you would like! :supacool:
  4. Yikes... did you get an Rx just to lose weight?? That isn't really good for your body... I am sure you will continue to do great without it!
  5. what works for me is to completely commit to a changed lifestyle.
    that means not going on a "diet" to lose the weight but to change my eating habits altogether;
    eat healthier foods (low fat, low sugar, etc.),
    more fruit and veggies
    cutting out bread & butter as much as possible
    eating smaller portions at meals
    healthy snacks to keep the metabolism going
    and get moving - excercise!!! (weights are really good!) which also means I have to burn more calories than I'm taking in every day.

    Its not easy at first but when it just becomes part of your life, you begin to shape up gradually and it becomes easier to stay that way than say losing a bunch of weight all at once - because statistics show people that just diet not only end up gaining back all the weight they lost, they sometimes gain even more.

    oh yeah, and stay away from fast foods/fried foods. thats a biggie.
  6. ^ Yep, this is a lifestyle change not a diet!!! Very big difference between the two that makes all the difference in your progress :yes:
  7. Ok, next problem...I work a lot. So my main problem is how to get in all that food when I'm working 10 hour days. I get home around 10 pm and by that time I'm starving. I bring lunch to work with me, but when I get back to my house I'm ready to go straight to the fast food. What can I do to stop those quick and easy cravings?
  8. You may need to pack dinner too.. eating so late, 10 pm, may be part of the problem too. That is really late to let your body digest it. Is there an office kitchen? You can always make a big pot of rice or extra potatoes on the weekend then re-heat in the week. Bag veggies and pack them... etc.

  9. One of my students, a nutrition major, just did a report which included "the apple diet" -- you eat an apple before every meal: the fiber fills you up, it doesn't have a lot of calories, and it helps move the food through your system, so it doesn't sit and turn to fat.

    Don't know about the last part, but the rest of it makes sense!
  10. drink as much juice and water as you can during the day. make lunch your "big meal" of the day (but healthy!) and find something healthy to snack on for that 4 o' clock craving to hold you for dinner. for dinner, opt for soup or salad. I try to keep my dinners light and once in a while treat myself to a heavier dinner (pasta, meat, etc.) but keep that to a minimum and again, light portions.
  11. I may need to take a cooking class because I'm not really what I'd call a cook. I'm going to sound completely ditzy, but how do you clean fresh veggies? Do you just spray water on them? Do you scrub them? Are they already clean?

    I was thinking about doing weight watchers, but I really need to try on my own first because joining because I really don't want to spend money that is not going to be worth it in the end.
  12. I've also found that eliminating "white" food from my diet as much as possible (ie; potatoes, rice, bread etc.) helps ALOT. It may just be my body chemistry but something to consider.

  13. I've heard that if you eliminate white food and sugar that helps a lot. I'm addicted to bread and sugar...those are my downfall. Oh and cheese! Lots and Lots of cheese!
  14. the main thing weight watchers and other programs like that does is cut portions down to size. you can do this yourself with any food. its basically retraining your brain to eat smaller portions. in this country, we have been brainwashed that everything must be HUGE (supersized meals, all-you-can-eat salad bars, 60 oz. steaks) its pretty disgusting!
  15. again, you don't have to completely deprive yourself. just have it under control - limit yourself to 2 or 3 times a week. I have switched to eating rye bread which for me is much tastier and better for you. I switched to sugar-in-the-raw or just honey. and I have also switched to white cheeses (monterey jack for example) that are better for you.
    it takes time for your body to get used to your new regimine but it will if you stick to it. control what you put into your body, don't let the food control you.