I need support and advice....

  1. As some of you may know I have some back problems. The problems in my back cause pain in my neck and head. About a month ago I sold quite a few things on eBay as I just couldn't bare staring at them in the closet and not being able to use them.

    I have been feeling 100% until yesterday when I returned home from the outlet mall. I was carrying my medium ergo belted tote and was in the Coach Outlet and some woman spotted it and tried to grab it thinking it was for SALE. :cursing: I threw my bag over my shoulder ... and that was it. Old habits die hard I guess. Anyway, I am back in pain again. :crybaby:

    I returned my two outlet purchases and I am debating about returning my Heritage XL Satchel. I can't bear the thought of getting rid of my Belted Ergo Tote or Med Signature Carly so I tucked them away. Hubby keeps telling me to be patient and not push it and I will eventurly be able to use them.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for something that is REALLY LIGHT that I can carry in hand or over my arm that is not too big. I love signature so I am considering the Ergo Signature Tote the new ones I think will have patent on the sides.

  2. On what PLANET do people think it's okay to grab things out of another person's possession?? Seriously!! Even if the bag was for sale, wtf man!! I'm so hot-tempered that I probably would've pushed the woman down to the ground as she tried to grab my bag. *lol*

    I'm going to guess a lot of people are going to suggest the Ergo line... I don't own any Ergo, but whenever I try them on they're super duper light!!
  3. Yeah, the ergos are the lightest!
  4. Wow, I was picturing that scenario in my head as I read it, what did you say to her ? Oh and sorry about your back ! I know how one little movement the wrong way can cause major set backs. How much stuff do you need to carry ?
  5. Yes...and the Ergo is so comfortable! I hope you feel better soon!
  6. A good point. If you don't need a lot of stuff, maybe a swingpack or wristlet until your back is feeling better?
  7. That's a terrible way to get re-injured :crybaby:. I'm so sorry that happened to you.

    I think you should keep the bags you love for when you are feeling better again! You might regret it later if you get rid of them. Get something really light and inexpensive (don't know your taste, but something like really light like a swingpack or if your open to other brands, something with virually no weight like a LeSportsac or Tokidoki/Stella McCartney for Lesportsac) and start putting a little money aside. Then when you are 100% you'll still have the bags you love and maybe a new Coach beautiful reward bag(s) for you patience! :graucho:
  8. I'd suggest the ergo hobo in signature. I think you can still get black and maybe khaki/mahogany through JAX. And I believe they're still $188. They are incredibly light and fit nicely on the shoulder. A swingpack is another good idea if you like swingpacks and they hold enough for you.

    Sorry to hear about your back. I hope it's better soon. And that was unbelievable that someone acted that way in a store and actually tried to snatch your bag from you! Ridiculous!
  9. Ergo! :tup:
  10. She really tryed grabbing it from you?!!?!?!? Crazy *****.
  11. WOW!!!! She tried to grab your ERGO from you!!!??? OMG....did you say anything to her? I would have decked her....with my ergo!!! LOL Anyway, you probably already know what I am going to suggest....ERGO hobo!!!! I have one in chocolate signaure and one in the belted tobacco leather and they are both the same weight. I do not feel them on my shoulder at all, even when I am marathon shopping (for 5 hours in a crowded mall w/ 2 kids in tow!!!!) These are truly GREAT bags! When you try them on, make sure (like Carly) to take all the stuffing out, put your own stuff in, and slouch her down. She will form a REALLY CUTE SLOUCH (see my pics in my threads when I got them)!!!!! You can still get the chocolate signature at Macy's...they are regular price $268, less 30%, or you can try what my hubby did and order it thru your boutique and they will put the order out to all the other boutiques and a boutique that has may still have the bag will pick up the order and ship it to you! Otherwise you can get black siggy or khaki/mahogany siggy, which is still available thru JAX I think! The belted leather ergo hobo is available in tobacco, which I bought, white and black leather, AND all of the plum leather went to the outlets!!!!! I am trying to snag one there and I am on the ergo list now!!!! LOL This bag will seriously help you w/ any back issues you have and keep you looking stylish!!!! I hope your back feels better and I cant wait to hear if you said anything to that woman who tried to steal your ergo!!! Eh...at least she had good taste!!!! :graucho: Good luck and keep us posted!!!!
  12. haha, that happened to me once at work. a customer came in looking for a large signature carly (we're an outlet, so we don't have them) and i brought my personal one out of the bag to show her what it looked like since she didn't know. i sat it on a display table to chat with her, and a customer picked it up. when i was like, "excuse me, but that's mine", she said, "you sat it down, so it's mine now!" i had to be like, "um, no...that's MY PERSONAL BAG." she got all huffy and stormed out of the store.

    i think an ergo will be perfect for you...stick to signature though! hope you feel better soon!
  13. :wtf: I can't even IMAGINE having that happen...And then to make matters worse...It causes a set back. (Which I am sorry to hear...Hope you'll be on the mend real soon so you can start enjoying them Coach bags of yours) Anyways...I wouldn't part with the bags you love...Tuck them away like your hubby says. And when your able to use them again...It'll be like having a new bag all over again!

    I don't have any Ergo's...But am interested in them...But am waiting to see if the turn lock will be found in a medium later this year...:graucho:
    :wtf: UNBELIEVABLE! And rude...Glad you seen her grab it so she didn't take off with it...Geesh~
  14. haahaa that is crazy that people actually act that way! I hope your back gets better!
  15. I am sorry that happen to you. I don't know why some people think they can just take anything they want in a store especially with you holding it.
    Like the others have said... I would hold on to the purses you love and use them when you get better.
    Sometimes I have shoulder-neck problems from an accident so I can't carry some of the beautiful larger purses. The ergo hobo has been perfect for me and I have her stuffed.
    I have a swing pack that I use when I don't want to carry much and it is very light...probably because I can't overstuff it.
    I wish you a speedy recovery!!!:flowers: