I Need Suggestions!!!

  1. My SO's birthday is Sat. and tomorrow is part 1 of what I have in store for him. Part of it entails baking a cake, which I have never done before! I'm privy to the information that her prefers lemon cake and i would like to know WHAT ICE CREAM GOES WITH LEMON CAKE!!!????

  2. I'd say vanilla ice cream-- although raspberry sorbet would be nice too.
    Honestly though, if he has a favorite flavor you could always go with that. It is nearly impossible to flavor clash with ice cream and cake. He will love the effort you are making as it is very sweet.

  3. Thank you! Vanilla it will be.:tup:
  4. I agree with vanilla but make it a tad bit more special by sprinkling grated lemon peel (don't that call that lemon zest or something) on top of the ice cream. Tastes great and is a great presentation.
  5. The cake was awful. It was the first cake I have ever baked. My SO's sister said it tasted like a muffin. I agree. Everyone loved the frosting! Maybe I shouldn't have used brown rice flour.
  6. Oh, no! Sorry it did not go over well... Yeah to the brown rice flour. That probably did it. Most cake recipes are either AP flour or cake flour, b/c cake flour produces a tender end result. The flour likely changed the texture, esp. if the original recipe was not written w/ rice flour in mind.
  7. Actually, the recipe was written with brown rice flour in mind. I'm sure I screwed it up somehow cause the lemon frosting and curd was on point!!! I'm going to google a simple cake recipe unless a TPFer has one to share. :heart:
  8. Are you looking for lemon in particular, or just anything?
  9. Oh no. I'm sorry it didn't turn out :sad:

    For a really easy lemon cake, I would just use a mix (either lemon, white, or yellow) and then spread store bought lemon curd between the layers and frost the outside with butter cream icing with a little grated lemon rind mixed in.

    Then for ice cream, I would do blueberry (or some other kind of berry if blueberry isn't available)...

  10. Well the frosting and curd that I made was wonderful. I just want a simple cake recipe that is light and fluffy that I can modify with any extract I choose. Does adding more eggs to a cake batter make it more fluffy? Should I only use egg whites? I just want a recipe for a cake batter that will result in a very light and moist cake.:heart: