I need suggestions!!

  1. HELP! I need some suggestions for a LV shoulder bag for everday use. I want something middle-sized that I don't have to fish around for my things.

    I was thinking of popincourt, batignolles horizontal, lockit H (might be too big though...), cabas piano (might be too plain), neverfull pm, roxbury..

    any suggestions??
  2. I have the PH, LH and tulum pm for shoulder bags...I use my PH the most for everyday...LH when I need to carry heaps..and I keep my tulum pm for special occassions the vachette is like new and the hardware...I baby that one....the beverly mm is another mono shoulder bag I have been eyeing but, then I would have too much mono...the PH is a great everyday casual bag and roomy...looks great with everything and the price isn't too bad...I have the roxbury in pomme and that is my dressy bag love it as well...my aureilla mm black mc tote is great for everyday as well...love black mc
  3. I love the PH, will get one within the next couple of months, so my vote goes towards that. I know BH will also be very popular.
  4. thanks pug and Karman!

    pug, the only thing I'd be worried about with the LH is that if I do have a lot in it, the rolled handles might hurt my shoulders and I already have shoulder probs that's why i tend to stay with handheld bags.

    I also forgot about Saleya PM in damier...
  5. Hmm.. How about Beverly mm ?

  6. I thought about that too, but it might be heavy cuz of the big clasp in the centre.

    I'd love a riveting tote but that's sooo out of my price range..lol.
  7. I'd go with either the PH or the Piano and add a bag charm to dress it up if you think it looks too plain. :yes:
  8. ^I agree, I think PH or the Cabas Piano would be perfect for you...I personally feel the BH is too big if you don't carry a lot.
  9. oooh..like a cles or pastilles key chain. I wish they still had the valentine key charms....
  10. ^^Yes! I think some cute things are coming for next Vday so you might find something nice then. Until then, maybe get an Inclusion keyring or the Multicolore Pastilles. That'd look adorable!
  11. BH is the most practical IMO :tup:
  12. BH or BV.:tup:
  13. I like the roxbury (but I dont think its good for everyday uses) cabas piano is great, my mom has one its a great eveyday bag. how about the papillon?
  14. cabas piano or popincourt haut!

    i found that the BH was a little too big for my needs. the cabas piano is a great size.
  15. popincourt haut or saleya :smile:.