I need suggestions....

  1. for a wallet that matches the ali in BROWN.. anyone have any ideas, or if you have the ali in brown, what wallet do you have?? TIA!!! :tup:
  2. I believe there is a camel legacy french purse with brown trim that would go nicely. Also the legacy stripe french purse, or even the pond french purse would look nice.
  3. I agree on the legacy stripe french purse...that's what I'm using in my black Ali. I've always liked brown and blue together so the pond would probably be really cute too.
  4. Yeah, I was thinking about the legacy stripe.. I love it!! I just don't know if I can spend that much on a non leather wallet.. lol
  5. The Legacy Stripe french purse is the best. I own it and use it in all my Legacy purses. I also own the whiskey one. I don't know that you can get that one but I wear it with everything.
  6. Yes, this is soo cute! I just worry about durability I guess for the price, how long it will hold up being the satiny fabric... I can get the larger size one now too which I love!! :heart:
  7. Hmm... I really like the Pond, and you are mainly looking for leather. I think it would be a good contrast as an above poster stated. The Legacy Stripe is nice too, but I'd be afraid of care as well.