I need suggestions please!

  1. My Mom is currently unhappy with her grody $30 purse--the quality is terrible and it's just not attractive--and I'm trying to convince her that it's time for her to try her first designer purse. She needs something in a good, beautiful, rich color that won't show dirt too easily, preferably leather, and preferably not too expensive.

    Her requirements: It has to be a shoulder bag, it has to have a zip closure, and she wants some sort of exterior pocket for her cell phone. And she wants it about medium sized...probably nothing bigger than 12 or 13 inches in any direction.

    Can you think of anything that I can suggest for her? Pictures would be great. Thanks!
  2. I would say look at some of the Coach legacy line. You can choose if you want all leather, or leather and fabric. Starting prices can be as low as $200 or so, so that shouldn't frighten her too much. And then she'll see how a well made purse can hold up. For styles check Coach Leather Goods - you guys can look at it together if you can't get to a store or an outlet.
    That's how I got my mom into desigers.
  3. Thanks, I'll look at them right now!

    EDIT: I just showed them to her and she said, and I quote, "I don't like topstitching." My mother is clearly insane.
  4. I would encourage her to buy a classic from Vuitton...if she ends up hating it (!) she can always resell or give it to you. My mom was the same and several years ago I gave her a Fendi bag as a gift...I don't even think she realized how much it was worth but she loves it and has expanded her collection although she still occasionally buys a crap bag from Macy's...maybe it is a generational thing. Keep trying...
  5. Thanks, but I think both Vuitton and Fendi are outside her price range :sad:
  6. I'd second the recommendation for Monsac for your mom. Their styling is very simple, but the bags are quite attractive and the quality is very good. I have some Monsac bags that are several years old that have held up and still look great. Check out Zappos.com too; they often have them on sale.
  7. What about Longchamps? They've got some lovely designs that are simple yet chic...and they are not too hard on the wallet :smile: