I need something...

  1. Hi, everyone:flowers:

    I need to get something from Hermes. But I don't know what to get...

    Recently I bought some RTW items (jackets:love: :heart: , skirts:heart: , tops:tender: , shoes, shawl...etc), and still waiting for a couple of more RTW to arrive to US from Paris. I am anxiously waiting for white-silvery mink coat (Jacket...?) in my size to arrive to US from Fall/Winter 2006 collection:hysteric: .

    Anyway, I need to get some more leather goods from Hermes now other than RTW...! I personally like croc. But croc. is REALLY REALLY hard to find on the shelf. So, I am just hoping & praying for my ordered croc. Birkins to arrive soon. And my dad is going to bring another one to me when he visits US next time..

    Would you please give me some suggestions what bag(s) to get in what leather, color, HW...etc.before I buy something and regret the next day? I would really love get some advice from you guys before I go into/call Hermes.

    Most of time, I wear girly(?) clothings with layers of lace, floral patterns, or something like fur...etc. with high hills. Sometimes I wear low hills/flat (only at work....I can't even last half day with high hills..I tried..hehe:P ..After morning rounds, or by the lunch time, I feet were killing me... ), but most of times, I wear high hills to go out.

    Please help!
  2. I'm completely astounded. Speechless because no one on tPF has the collection like you do, and you have the most number of croc bags I think! (SOMEONE PROVE ME WRONG).

    I can also understand your conviction to want to bring a large orange shopping bag home.

    Do you already own Kellys? I cannot recall. Maybe you need to repost your entire Hermes family here, so everyone can chip in.

    It's almost the end of the year ... so maybe you can aim for some SS2007 RTW to fill the gap?!
  3. Great idea to have her post a pic her for people to see. I feel people can help a little bit more.
  4. When you said girly clothing I immediately thought of the Kelly style,( there are others, of course ) but, like the other ladies said, I guess we need to know what you already have...including colors/leathers... to get an idea of what to suggest ( to fill in the gaps?? for lack of a better way to put it )

    This could be fun!!

  5. Oh god, I need a dad like yours :P
    I'm desperate for some crocs :lol: :lol:

    What colour croc are you getting next ?? I cant wait to see it :yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. Thank you tokyogirl for posting my collections.

    I am going to add black shiny porosus croc. 30cm with PH. Hermes manager (in my country) said it would arrive before 2006 ends. There was some confusion inbetween, but everything is okay now. When the bag arrives (hopefully this year as manager said), my dad is going to bring it to me when he visits me next time.:yahoo:

    Shiny Braise (red) and blue roi croc. Birkins withPH orders are confirmed, and baby pink (rose Indeene...I don't know the official name of the color)shiny croc. Birkin 30cm with PH is ordered through special order.:heart:

    My mom has AMAZING collections.:wtf: :wtf: She has many croc. Kellys and Birkins (including a diamond birkin in orange:drool: ) all from Hermes directly. Sometimes I can share hers, but the difficulty is I can only use hers when she brings her bags to use them during her visit in US (my parents are in oversea). And she becomes too fussy when I use hers 'to be careful, don't do this and that with the bag...etc.'
    She thinks it's outrageous I posted my collections and talk to you guys ALL THE TIME...hehe..she does not understand what kind of fun we have here in this forum.

    So, I guess I can consider her collections as my alternatives as well:P . But I want my own...
    Okay...My mom's croc. collections are: in orange(diamond Birkin :nuts: ), rough H, BJ, miel, emeral green color (sorry...I don't know the official name of that color), and a color looks like black but it's not black...anthra..something..and she is waiting for fushia croc. Birkin.

    She is not a big fan of ostrich...she has some ostrich, but she is not crazy about it...She has some non-exotic leather Birkins/Kellys...But they don't come out that often for going-out.

    Anyway, those are the all the colors I have (shown in the link tokyogirl posted, my up coming ordered bags and my mom's collections).

    It does not matter if you guys recommend the color I (or my mom) already have as long as it sounds good.

    Sorry for the long post...I am trying to answer you guys questions to get a better advice from you guys. Thank you!:flowers:
  7. I am speechless! You have so much -- if you're just needing a "fix", what about a scarf/agenda/belt/gloves/watch/bracelet?????
  8. Shoes316: After seeing your indigo bolide and you talked about plume on a different thread, I am leaning towards bolide or plume like yours. I don't know which one and what color...I can't make a mistake this time...

    My DH would be upset if I make more impulsive purchases and regret buying them later. I still have to work on getting rid of my inplusive purchases:yucky: .
  9. aspen,
    Shall leave it to the expertst to give you their detailed analysis. Below is just my broad stroke suggestions:-

    1) Avoid any more orange/red/lighter browns > consider chocolate though
    2) Avoid blues as well > since you would already have blue roi croc coming.

    If I were in your shoes, I would work very hard to acquire something in chevre de coromandel (since it is so hard to find) and box calf.

    Considering that you perhaps would likea repertoire of varied colours, I think it's great to add some purple and greys into your collection. Raisin is a beautiful colour but it has just been discontinued. But if you can work your relationships with all your SAs, ask to see something nice in Raisin.

    If I were to recommend one Birkin - that would be Gris Touterelle in Chevre.
  10. Thank you mrssparkles for info. and advice! WHAT!!! Raisin is discontinued...? Since when & why?!!!! NOOOOOOO! It's just a beautiful color!

    Is raisin similar to violet in croc. you think...?
  11. aspen, I think it's become more obvious that you want croc and nothing else! I see how fast you ask about croc only:wlae:

    Have you seen Grands Fonds' colour sample thread? There is one that shows croc colours.


    Maybe you can check ^^ out and zero in on what pops to you. :flowers:
  12. Thank you!!!!!!!!
  13. what about something white? a bit off season right now, but may be really cute for the winter.
  14. I am afraid that it might be too much trouble to clean white leather Hermes bag... I heard that white bag has to be sent to Paris to be cleaned, right..?