I need something white.....

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  1. I would like a look at the other options suggested, but for the moment I am thinking wide clic clac white with pall h/w.

    So, now we just have to decide on a shopping day.
  2. ^ good choice, Rose!

  3. You look so great Rose!! Is this your first jeans action shot?? I love your top! I do think you could go wider with the clic clac.

    Now we just need to photoshop a CDC on ya!!!
  4. ^^ Yes, it's my first jeans action shot, infact it's been a while since I wore them!
  5. Rose - I just thought I'd let you know (FYI) that white leather seems to get worn quickly. My friends with white leather bracelets, have been unhappy. The wear (dirt - look; almost turning grey) happens rather quickly. I say go enamel for white. Just thought I'd let you know.
  6. Well, you are chock full of hotness.
    (And I must say your fireplace looks fabulously clean!)
  7. Thanks gazoo ( I nearly wrote sister gazoo...), I am concerned about dirt on white, so I will stick to the enamel.
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:.. if I was, I would so get the CDC....
  9. ^^ I LOVE the idea of a white leather bracelet. So chic and CAPRI-lifestyle!

    But I am far too anal (Scorpio here) to do it.
  10. ^^^ I am a scorpio too with the same issues, so I guess it's enamel for me.
  11. WOW! Love that! How wide is the leather?
  12. Rose, look at you in jeans! You look awesome. Can't wait to see you with a CdC on your wrist. I still think you will look great!
  13. Can't wait to see what you choose. Love the picture of you in your jeans. Whatever you decide I'm sure it will look great.