I need something white.....

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  1. I prefer the clic clac and for what I have seen in photos this will fit you better, in my humble opinion.
  2. Will go take a look... :yahoo:
  3. Rose, I'm absolutely in love with my new white kelly double tour bracelet. Wearing it, I received a lot of compliments :smile:

    IMO it's sofisticated, but still got an unexpected "edge".
  4. I'm with you on this. I have small wrists and just yesterday tried on the wide Clic Clac and was surprised how big it was on me. I ended up getting the narrow but I must say that I still feel I need something else with it to make a statement. It looks a little "weak".

    Rose, what about white leather? ... maybe one that wraps so you can make it tight. I love the feel of a leather bracelet on my wrist that has a snug fit.
  5. rose i think the clic clac is perfect for you. the Etrivier" double tour also comes in white and might be anice choice too. for some reason i can see you wearing a cdc. i think it's the little bit of edge you need and you're far less square then you think you come off!
  6. Well I'd rather wear a CDC, but if you don't feel comfortable with it going with your style and such.. the Clic Clac looks fabulous in PH!! I don't like the look of gold on it, either.
  7. Dear Ms. Rose:

    I can't picture you with CDC cause that is NOT your style...

    I am so glad you are opening to some colors (your K bag)!!!

    As much black items you own, WHT would be a great match, especially for the summer time!!!

    Do you ever consider a watch?! It can also serves the purpose of a wrist band and but also tell time?!

    Just a thought....
  8. Thanks ladies.

    Morganng, I have a watch that was given to me, sentimental etc etc, so I am not in the market for a new watch.

    So, Ninja Sue, Rocker, H, Arcangel.....anyone else want to do lunch and H in NYC?
  9. CB, here is the outfit you described. I am wearing my narrow black clic clac


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  10. perfect outfit rose!

    if anyone else could do a saturday i would love to. i'm not avail the 2nd or 16th but any other time!
  11. ^^ I think a slightly wider clic clac would be good for the summer??
  12. i just bought a CDC and I am bit afraid of it.............

  13. Rose that picture of you is great! what about the Marly--its the double wrap with three medor studs. white with silver (it is exists) would be awesome
  14. ^^^ Oh, that's a thought, I would really have to try it on.
  15. the reason it might work is that its a narrow leather strap but doubling gives it more substance but not heaviness............plus the three little studs?? give it punch without the bulk and fierceness of the CDC.........