I need something white.....

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  1. Rose, I know whatever you choose will be amazing on you....all the better that you have your partners in crime over there to go along with you!!

    I predict multiple bracelets in your future. !!

    I really do.:jammin:

    By the way, I can totally see you with your black dahlia mousse, black t, jeans (do you have jeans, rose?) and a black cdc with PH. I really can see it. In the theatre of my mind!!!
  2. CB, I have the black clic clac (the narrow) with pall which I LOVE! You are so right, a shopping expedition with friends is really the only way to go...perhaps followed by a glass of bubbly. So, who's coming along to help??

    CB, I do indeed have jeans. I know most don't believe this , so I promise a pic of me wearing jeans in the scarf thread this week! In fact, on Friday, I will wear exactly what you described above, but with the black clic clac...
  3. :yahoo::yahoo:

    I think you could rock that white CDC. I think you have a wild side!!

    I am going to H on Friday (:wlae:) so if I miss your hotness in jeans, that's why!!!
  4. I don't know what this one looks like... will see if I can find a pic. Thanks GF.
  5. ROSE.........how about a white "Etrivier" double tour? I have one in Barenia and I almost LIVE in that thing. It's casual but stylish with a hint of edge. Let me see if I can find a pic somewhere........
  6. Well......let me show you mine just so you can see the style......it wraps around the wrist twice and it's perfect for smaller wrists because the buckle adjusts.....

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  7. I have a tiny wrist too and in the summer I like to wear my Cape Cod double tour watch with a white strap. I know you are thinking of bracelets/cuffs but whenever I wear this watch it always feels like a bracelet because of the leather and double wrap.
  8. Thank you for the suggestions ladies.... must try them on, so a shopping trip!
  9. [​IMG]

    What about this 'looping bracelet' You get a choice of white and black - it isn't too bulky and would look good on slender wrists. It looks as though it is adjustable to 3 sizes. It was on the UK site.
  10. You would rock any one of those Rose! Excited to see what you finally pick.
  11. I'll try to take a picture tonight. :biggrin:
  12. ^^ Thanks Queenie!!:heart:

    Allaboutnice, I will try that one on too, thank you!
  13. I think anything would look good on you. I love the wide clic clac in white with PH. It's HOT. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing what you picked.
  14. SM, the etrivier looks great on you!

    Rose, a shopping trip it is, then. The big Alaska store?
  15. I have slender wrists (I wear the next to smallest size love bracelet). The CDC is adjustable. Try them both. I would be more inclinded to match the rings I would wear...rather than hardware on my bag.