I need something white.....

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  1. OIC ... do you think the white against PHW will look a bit more washed out? If it's subtlety that you're after, than white with PHW would be nice .... But still, I think white with GHW is just .... PERFECT. Sorry that I am not of any help.
  2. ^^^ I will have to try the gold on and see how it looks with my rings.... and you are very helpful, thank you:heart:
  3. Oh, please do... you kind of know me from all my pics! I am just as square as I appear!
  4. As much as I'd love to say the CDC, i have to say the clic clac for you. You are sophistication and polish!! Leave the CDC to your wild alter ego, RC! ;)
    I would also match it to your jewelery rather than your bag hw. have you tried on the wide? I had the wide but it felt alittle bigger on me than the PM narrow bracelet. It wasn't as comfortable but I do have very tiny wrists.
  6. ^^^ Just ask my teenager......

    RC, you MUST get the CDC!!! I tried the wide clic clac on and I think I can pull it off. Especially in white... I will be wearing it with sleeveless/short sleeved tops over the summer , so I think the wider one will break the 'too bare arms' look.
  7. Rose, I have the white Clic Clac with Pall HW. I always receive compliments with it (not that we need it). ;) But you know what I mean. You gotta try it!
  8. I love the white clic-clac, with either hardware.
  9. Queenie, do you happen to to have a pic with it on?

    (preferable wearing a white T ,lol!)
  10. Rose and RC, let's go bracelet shopping! That is the only way to know which bracelet should come home with you. Try them all on and then sit back and wait for the "ding, ding, ding." :smile:
  11. Yeah! This is the best advice, Ninja Sue!
  12. Rose...I see you looking lovely with the white clic clac... With PH, I think...

  13. Just say when!!!:tup::heart:
  14. I have a white/pall etriviere wide band that I wear in summer, if I'm not wearing my white CDC. It's a little slimmer than the CDC, with less hardware, so you might prefer that?
  15. Thanks SoCal.... by the way, I slipped my new Kelly into the scarf thread...