I need something white.....

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  1. ....for my wrists. They are looking, well, a bit bare. I usually wear my diamond bracelet but I am thinking that I need something more substantial and 'casual' for summer.

    So, I am thinking a white clic clac (the wide one) with either pall or gold. Now I am not a big fan of white and gold (specially the gold used for the clic clac) but my blue kelly has gold hardware, so can I still 'get away' with white and pall?

    OR, dare I explore the world of the CDC??? I am not sure I have the personality for it or that it will look appropriate with my wardrobe. My wrists are rather tiny.

    Help please:heart::heart:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. If you want to match anything the hardware on the clic clac should match your other jewerly considering it has so much metal...

    Unfortuantely I cannot picture you with a CDC...( I can't pull it off either)
  3. OMG, OMG, OMG!! You could totally rock a white CDC, Rose!! You must (and that is an order - or at the very least a strongly worded recommendation)!
  4. lol! You both know me....now what!!
  5. QM, that is the beauty of it! Elegant Rose with an ever-so-slightly subversive bracelet. I totally love it!!
  6. Well you could try it..but it's alot of $$ for something that you don't completely love and you, my dear Rose, fall into the whatever strikes your fancy shopper.

    I personally think people fall into one of two categories: either you love the CdC and have to have it or you're not sure about it...in which case you could never pull it off...
  7. If you have skinny wrists you might not fit a CDC I hate to say! I would say matching your rings is fine - doesn't have to match the bag hw -- that said, I don't always 'love' the H gold...but with the white?? Yup -- the gold looks very cool on the clic clac IMO! I wore my teal one today and it's so easy to wear...I also have a white double tour which hasn't been taken out yet but will soon...is the white CDC on the website again? I haven't seen anything but orange lately (although I shouldn't be looking lol!)
  8. Rose I love the clic clac and I agree with QM - match to your other jewellery rather than your bag :yes:.

    As fabulous as I think the CDC is - I can't really imagine you in it - JMHO. It doesn't work for me either.

    If you really feel like you need a gold clic clac then maybe the narrower one is better - less goldy IYKWIM.

    But I think a wide pall and white CC is HOT HOT HOT for summer :supacool:
  9. Shoes, the CDC is on the UK H site
    What does the double tour look like?
  10. I want to give my opinion, but I don't know you Rose. So, I will listen and follow along here.
  11. OMG!! The white clic clac with PH is TDF!! It looks so modern yet classy...you should think about getting that!
  12. here's a pic of mine:

    misc. access. 001.jpg

    I think the website has one too - maybe not in white though - BRB!
  13. orange from the website:

  14. Rose, I vote for Clic Clac with GHW. :tup:The contrast of white enamel against GHW brings out the elegance.

    A friend of mine has ordered the smallest one (her wrist is small) and I hope it arrives at our store soon.
  15. Thanks for all your input, still unsure.. thanks for the pic shoes, it's very pretty.

    MrsS, I wear platinum rings only so I fear the gold will clash....