I NEED something turquoise (RH only)

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  1. Does anyone know who has the turquoise bags? First or city but preferably a first.
  2. BalNY, AR :confused1:

    NM Tampa might - they had a GSH PT, but they keep alot of bags in drawers.
  3. I worked with Terry at BalLA and she was amazing! I got my Turq RH Part time there! I'm sure she could find you what you need... also I saw a turq city at NM Scottdale so you might want to try there too. GOOD LUCK!

    ps TURQ is AMAZING~ I am in love!
  4. I saw a turq city yesterday. PM me for SA info.
  5. Has anyone see a first yet? Are they even out yet?
  6. BalNY got 6 Turq firsts in today, I was on the list, so my SA called, when I went down, I fell in love with the Part-time, so there's at least one available. She also had a city, both with RH.
  7. I am kinda boycotting BNY since they won't send photos anymore. But at least I know they are out in stores now.
  8. Hi Allisonfaye,

    Here's a pic Bal NY sent of my turquoise first:


    Who is your SA at Bal NY? I think it was just one particular SA who doesn't send pics. Kim is a sweetheart, maybe deal with her?
  9. wow.. that's one beautiful turq!
    i like the leather....:tup:
  10. Yeah, it seems that Kim doesn't have a problem sending photos. Wonder why the others do? I have to think about this. I can't return at BNY. Is it me or does this look a lot like Blue India?
  11. There was a turq first at NM at the Short Hills mall today. It was much more vibrant.
  12. I was at NM short hills yesteday as well. Wonder if we crossed paths! I agree the turq first was much more vibrant. When the SA showed it to me I was surprised at how bright it was. I like the one in the picture in this thread more. They also had a turq city as well.
  13. HOw would you describe the leather?