I need something new!

  1. Ok guys.. I love reading y'alls opinions and ideas so help me out please!

    I've been using Clinique's 3 Step for quite a while now. It's worked just fine but I'm basically just tired of using the same products for so long and want to switch. Been looking at Kiehl's stuff and it seems good, as well as affordable. The competitor is Boot's line of skin care, which I've heard nothing but marvelous things about.
    So, can you tell me which one you like the best? What's the pros and cons, and if you prefer another brand, why?

    Just a few things to consider: I have a normal to oily skin (the damn T zone lol), very few blemishes every once in a while, and preferably, the moisturiser should already come with SPF. I can't be bothered to put them on separately.

    Thanks in advance for your wisdom. Cheers! :smile:
  2. I haven't used Boots' line, but I love Kiehl's. Hopefully you can get some opinions by those who've tried both...
  3. Thanks! Does Kiehl's come with SPF? And.. where's everyone else??? C'mon guysss I need you!
  4. Boot's line is amazing. I can't compare to Kiehl's im afraid, it's not as big as boots here in the UK. Boots' Microderma___ kit is good :smile:
  5. I use some from Bobbi Brown and some from Trish McEvoy. Cleansers from Trish, toner, serum and spf moisturizer from BB.
  6. Haven't used Kiehls or boots so can't help there. I know the feeling about switching....I just switched to chanel line. so far so good! I would check out makeupalley.com Before I purchase I always check it out, theres so many opinions and you can even personally email people for add'l info. Good luck!
  7. Yeah like Lorebunde said, i would def check out specific products on makeupalley for better information.
    Boots products as well as Kiehls are pretty good. I can say that I do know that there are Kiehls moisturisers that do have SPF. I have tried their Ultra moisturiser lotion (not too sure of the name) and even though it was good it was too heavy for my skin. Look around, and if you go to kiehls they give really good samples - so take advantage! :yes:
  8. I love Ole Henriksen's stuff.
  9. ^^Yes, his products are wonderful! I have never heard of Boots...:confused1: but I will look into their products. Thanks!
  10. boots no7 is cult. there makeup and skincare range are really good and great value for money. i didnt know you can buy it in the US though. you dont have boots the chemist though, right?
  11. Well i've been using clinique for a while too and just decided to try some Boots no 7 Time resisting day and night creams. I have quite dry skin and i found the formula's a bit thick but not particularly moisturising - ended up with some dry flaky patches. I've heard really good things about the boots stuff too from friends but just doesn't seem to suit me! Unfortunately I think all you can do is try it out for yourself!
  12. try their moisturising foundation. its nicer than the moisturisers
  13. We can now! They're available for sale at Target, don't know if anyone else is selling them. This is why I'm so eager to try!! Thanks for the input. Do you know if they have anything that already comes with SPF?
  14. Oh yes, the day creams tend to come with SPF 15, at least the time resist one I've been using does)