I need something H to celebrate....

  1. ......booting a bad boyfriend to the curb in record time! :yahoo: (yes, this is in fact a cause for celebration - I actually listened to my gut!)

    So, I am thinking something small to commemorate the occasion (I know, a little twisted, but hey, any excuse for a little H!). I am thinking an accessory or a scarf... I really only have bearns for my bags so there are lots of choices....would like to stay under $700.

    Thoughts? :graucho:
  2. I think this is the perfect occasion to celebrate! Good for you!!!

    Now, I know it's over your price point but.....
    Nothing says "I am chic AND do NOT mess with me" better than a collier de chien bracelet!
  3. oh...this is going to be fun:yahoo: :yahoo:

    ...better than just getting a new haircut (which is what I always did)

    *heads off to vicariously shop*
  4. how about an enamel bangle? or a hapi bracelet? or ano cuff in potiron leather?
  5. A new belt, Planet cell phone case, a new eyeglass case, agenda, china, 2 scarves, keychains.................I could go on and on........................
  6. I think you need the Bunny Sutra watch. LOL :wlae:
  7. HAS to be a cuff bracelet! If you want to stay under $700, go for the Kelly Dog or also, the Kelly Double Tour!!!

    Go Harley....go harley...Go harley!!

  9. ^yes!!!
    also likes GT's suggestion!!!!
    Good for you harleyMamma!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  10. E - where in the heck do you find these things???? you crack me up!
  11. Love the bracelet suggestions!!! Japster...
  12. :yahoo: So happy that you listened to your heart and are rewarding yourself with a little something H!!! I vote for a bracelet!
  13. I'm a recent enamel bracelet addict! So I vote for a bracelet! Or two (maybe??), they just feel nice on your arm and everytime you wear it and hear it jangle...you can smile and think "Yup. I rule!" Or my personal mantra whenever someone has...ahem..."done me wrong" and I'm thinking of vengance..."TASTE IT!" and then I hope, somewhere in the universe, they do..and then they wonder...'why is there a copper taste in my mouth?'...but...I digress!
  14. Congratulations! That'a a *****great***** feeling. You are assertive and powerful, you deserve the BEST.

    How about something in rose shocking or vert anis (Karo maybe? agenda/notebook?), so when you see it you get a happy high jolt and are reminded of how well and fast you handled that situation? Also a happy happy reminder that it's almost springtime (sigh).