I NEED something from Hermes!!

  1. Okay, I need some small leather good that I can get to tide me over until I return to America or until I can go somewhere where there is an Hermes!! I would like a noepad holder something of that nature. Why oh why must I be in love with things they don't sell here and that I can't buy online?:shame: :love: Help..only you ladies will understand!!
  2. so do you mean you can't get to a hermes store?
    there are soo many yummy little things at hermes.. i actually love them more than the bags!
  3. Clinkenwar, I wasn't aware that there wasn't an Hermes in Okinawa,:amazed: which is where I assume you live. You can always take the quick flight to Tokyo where there are many Hermes stores as Starbucks....:lol:
  4. I know how you feel. I'm waiting for a Birkin, but I had to get something that was leather. I just got a Mini Ulysee agenda. I got it with plain paper (I think that's all that's available on the Mini anyway) just to keep in my bag to write little notes or whatever. I don't know about the boutiques in Japan, but I live about three hours away from the Northern Virginia Hermes, and they will ship out small pieces like I got, so you might be able to call a boutique and get them to ship to you.

    By the way, is your husband in the Navy? Mine in, and we're in Virginia Beach.

    Here's a picture of the agenda, and the Pocket Square I just got.

  5. I don't have an Hermes in my city, as well. I share your frustration!
  6. You can always try e-bay for authentic items - especially being able to check in with the gals here to help with authenticating certain things and/or sellers...I have had great luck! Does the Hermes.com not ship to you?
  7. Tammy518 - love your mini ulysee. What color is it ?:worried:
  8. I just bought an orange Ulysee pm with plain paper to use for jotting notes down. LOVE it. With the paper insert and tax, this was under $200 and it makes me happy every time I look in my purse and see it.
  9. Ohhh, I think I need one of these!:love:
  10. ohhh, u will love it... :nuts: :love: I have one in blue jean :nuts: :biggrin: :P
  11. My mini Ulysee is rouge.
  12. ooh i have that too!! i didn't know it had a name.. i looove mine, it's in rouge too.. i love the raw inside, and how it all smells.. it does make me happy =)
  13. Yes, yes you do!!
  14. What are the dimensions of the Ulysee PM agenda? How much does it cost?

    thanks in advance!
  15. My husband is a Marine..and that would be so cool if a store could ship me something..it was the pics of your agenda that got me so excited!!:love: