I need something blue...

  1. Hi everyone!

    Thanks to tpf members' replies i was able to make my choices last time i got a Damier 30 and a mono BV, I love them both!

    Well, I would love to get something in the blue denim line, and again undecided, my question is what do you have and love or just love out of these 3 bags?

    My choices are the Neo speedy, baggy pm or (mini?)pleaty. :shrugs:

    This would be a casual out to dinner or movies bag to wear with jeans. :love:

    Thank you for all your comments! :girlsigh:
  2. neo speedy... I just love the shape. :smile:
  3. Baggy PM
  4. Mini pleaty would be a cute little going out bag! It would be a good size to fit the essentials and looks really good on!
  5. i have the blue Neo-Speedy, and i love it. it's one of my favorite bags from the Denim line
  6. I have a blue neo speedy, pleaty, and mini pleaty. My favorite is the pleaty...it's adorable and so versatile :heart:

    I also have a baggy PM in fuchsia...great shoulder bag :tup: But for me, it's too large to take out to a casual dinner. Same with the neo speedy...unless there's an extra chair, I have to either put it in my lap or set it on the ground, which is rather annoying :push:
  7. I have the Neo Speedy (Fuschia), the Baggy PM (denim)and the Cabby MM (black). I like the Cabby the best. I like the Baggy and Speedy equally...love the shape and look of the Speedy but love that the Baggy is a shoulder bag. They can hold the same amt. of things but the Baggy will look a little stuffed.

    I am a huge fan of the denim line. You can't go wrong with any of them. My next is going to be the mini pleaty in lichen.
  8. I love that Neo Cabby... I sold my perfo to get one.
  9. I like the Baggy PM the most.

    Though for more versatility, I'd go with the Mini Pleaty.
  10. I love the pleaty and the neo speedy.
  11. The Speedy would be my number one choice. It's so cute!! The classic Speedy shape gets me everytime. I picked up a Fuschia Speedy earlier this year and it is certainly one of my favorite bags.
  12. neo cabby mm or neo speedy
  13. I don't have any in denim but I'd love to have the speedy or the pleaty.
  14. I have the neo speedy, sac plat, pleaty and baggy GM. I seriously love each one, they are all great bags. Out of the three you mentioned above, if I had to choose I would go with the neo speedy.
  15. I have the neo speedy and the baggy PM ... I love both, it just depends if you want a handheld or shoulder bag.