I need someone to purse shop with in Vancouver!!!

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  1. I love all you fabolous ladies here and i wish we could all go shopping together! Unfortunately i'm from Vancouver B.C Canada and i can't find anyone who loves handbags as much as i do. None of my girlfriends like bag shopping either they just sort of walk pass the section, thats the first place i go and stay for hours trying on purse:shame:. I usually go purse shopping on my own but when it comes to purchases of over 2k for a purse i would love someone elses opinon and i don't mean the SA's.
    So if any of you are in vancouver or live here give me a shout maybe we can go shop for purses!!
  2. oh moe, I would love to go purse shopping with you!! As I've got the same problem here but unfortunately I live in Munich :sad:
  3. aw i'm sorry, i'm on the other side of the continent! i have a friend that moved to vancouver, though...she's not into purses :sad:
  4. theres gotta be a few vancouver ladies out there who love handbags as much as i do, otherwise there wouldn't be wait lists in the stores...... maybe they haven't found this blog yet :suspiciou
  5. I must admit I love bag shopping alone. I have my own quirks when it comes to bag shopping. The last thing I need is someone (even an avid bag lover) saying, "are you ready to go yet?" Bag shopping should be fun. I think a tag-along buddy will just create unnecessary distraction...yeah like some SAs.
  6. Aw man, I wish I could go, but I'm in Los Angeles... I feel the same way, too bad we're so far apart...

    *"An American Tail" theme song plays* (Are you guys old enought to have seen this movie?)
  7. So too bad, moe! I'm from Vancouver (born and bred!), but I currently live in Ottawa. I'd shop with you any day!
  8. I would love to go shopping with you if I did not live on the other side of the continent!! None of my friends are into bags and I try to hide the fact that I spend a lot of $$ on them. Just the other day someone was complaining that Vera Bradley purses were so expensive- around $50-$80 and I think about what I pay for a bag!GULP!!!
  9. Wish I could, I'm in the East Kootenays of BC. I'm enviouse you get to at least see bags in stores! My best shopping is Nelson, hippy central lol.
    Cheers, Carolyn
  10. i guess i'll just bring my digi cam with me when i shop and show you girls.........lol
  11. I've always wanted to visit there! My father used to live there for awhile before he got his visa to move down to the States. We live in Az now but anytime I'm up there, I'll let you know and hopefully vice versa. We have some really good stores and boutiques here! :biggrin:
  12. Hi Moe! We have talked a few times, I used to live in Van and will be visiting at some point. I would love to meet up and bag shop with you !! Have you carried any of your new ones lately?
  13. Hey Moe, I'm in Calgary... which is closer that most but yet still so far. I'd love to get out to Vancouver and do some damage, the shopping there is so much better than here. I just don't have the time or the $ right now...being broke sucks. :sad:
  14. Hi shyloo I've been carrying all my purses mostly the fendi spy i just bought a new LV today. Can't wait to shop with you, hope you're doing well.
  15. That's too adorable moe, I need a purse shopping buddy too !

    If you're ever in Toronto, drop me a line. ;)