i need someone to kick me in the ass!

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  1. so those of you that have been members for a while know that in the past couple years i've lost about 40 pounds, 25 of that this past summer. when i came back to school, i had been on weight watchers for a while and was getting a little antsy for a break, plus all my friends were back in town and wanting to go out and eat, drink, and generally consume calories of all types. so i took a break from the diet, and i've put back on about 10 pounds and i'm just now starting to see a difference in how my clothes fit - i HATE it.

    so now it's the beginning of winter break, my friends are leaving for home and i'm staying here to work, and it's my perfect opportunity to get back in the groove, start losing weight again, and this time it's only 3 weeks, so i won't be burnt out by the time they get back - i'll still be fully commited, because i really love being on the diet for about 3 months - after that, i get antsy.

    so everyone out there, i'm going to need some support in getting back on the horse! the first two weeks are always the hardest because your body is readjusting to a much smaller amount of food - after that, i'm good for a few months! so any words of wisdom, advice, anything would be appreciated. i need to get back into the mindset!
  2. What I find helps with the transition is not being so worried about the amount of food you eat but the type. I gained a few pounds, I'm sure, a few weeks ago because my pants were TIGHT (I don't weigh myself). However I finally decided to just to eat a ton of healthy veggies etc and that brought me back in line. Keep in mind the weight you put on is probably not all fat but also water. Once you start eating healthier foods (assuming you ate more processed foods) you'll lose a good amount of weight quite quickly (I always do).

    Good luck and you can do it. Everyone gains and loses weight - it's a part of life.

  3. how'd you fair over break amanda?

    i am feeling your pain. it's been SO slow at work lately. all we do is snack and sit. not a good thing in a restaurant that specializes in fried seafood and comfort meals. plus it's winter, so all i want to do is curl up on the couch in sweatpants and listen to the rain. :smile: i'm still down from where i was a few years ago....but definitely up about 10-15 lbs since summer. :yucky:

    the only thing that's ever worked to motivate me is an event that's going to be captured on film (my wedding three years ago, my best friend's wedding last summer) or seeing myself on film later when i thought i looked ok. but i don't have anything like that coming up anytime soon...maybe i should work on hubby to book our november vacation early? :supacool:

    are you going to do ww again or try something else? i'm thinking about trying meetings again....they're just so time consuming. but they did work. and i need something that works. :smile:
  4. Kick ---> ASS!

    There you go! I laughed so hard when I saw your message. Maybe this will help. I've read your WW thread and found it very inspiring. I was thinking of joining myself.

    Good luck!
  5. You can do it..Im on a NO junk food..or Sugar Diet..Sucks BUT Its working!If I can do a diet..you can too!LOL!
  6. You can do it, amanda!! Good luck!
  7. :lecture: Here is the closest thing I had to an ass kickin'. From a former Savannah resident, get to it girl!! The best gift you cam give yourself is a healthy, beautiful body.