I need someone to cry with me!

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  1. So I got the Brown Ron Ron 100mm Glittart for a Steal from Saks in a 40. Well they were tight but I was like.....I will get the stretch and all will be good.
    Well it is not....they are making my toes fall asleep. I know now they have to be sold. I could cry they are soooooooo pretty. I will need them in a 41.
    I took this picture while I was taking the eBay pictures for the send off.

  2. Oh no Halie :hugs: Not a good thing if your toes go to sleep whilst wearing them!

    They are such a beautiful colour. I had to go 0.5 up in my Rons. If they were a 40.5 i'd have them off you!!

    Gorgeous shot ... i'm sure you will have no problems in selling them
  3. Awww :sad:
  4. I'm right there with you. Last week I bought a pair of Pigalle's that were just too big and because of the cut, they hurt my toes, but they were just too gorgeous to let go! I did send them back, but I felt like crying because I love the look of the Pigalles.

    So, think positive, maybe you will be able to find a pair of 41s to replace these with :smile: Also, love the pic....gorgeous art shot :yes:
  5. Awww Halie, that's so sad. :sad: They are so beautiful too. Darn those toes! Why do they always get in our way??? :P
  6. that sucks... I have the brown glittart Ron Rons too and absolutely love them. have you tried everything? shoe stretcher? spray? bringing them to the cobbler? for this price, I would try anything I could before resorting to selling them.
  7. Yes I did try everythng....I took them to the Cobbler too.
    No luck :sad:
    I have never bought Ron Rons before....now I know I am just going to have to have a 41.
  8. Aww :cry::cry:
    I have the brown glittart Ron Rons too !!
    This is a shame because they are so beautiful
    Hope you will find a 41 :yes:
  9. Oh, sorry to hear that they won't work. But, be assured that if you will them (41s) they will come! (I did this with my red CHANEL classic flap and it worked).
  10. I am so sorry you have to sell them. I hope you find the 40.5 or 41 that you need.
  11. Ooh... my size! :yes:

    Erm, I mean, that's terrible Halie! :sad:

    Seriously, I know how disappointing that can be!
  12. LOL idests!! NO .. your going to London next week to buy .. i mean look at shoes!
  13. I have them and love mine.....I am so sorry that you need to size up.....think positive and the 41s will be waiting for you.....very SOON!

    You should add you photo to the CL as Art thread that is running! Nice contrast.
  14. Well they are listed now....what is this empty hole I feel now. :crybaby::crybaby:
    I will post the picture in the Art.
  15. ^^^ :sad: