I need some urgent input here....dare or pass?

  1. OK girls I just got a call from my retailer, she was able to find me a greige day thru the Balshowroom.
    Only problem: everything would be ordered via mail so she can't garantee the leather and since she would order it especially for me, I could NOT say no thanks if I don't like the leather on it.

    I need to call her tomorrow, so what should I do ?

    Dare or pass? I'm torn don't really mind veins in geige since it would make it look more like marble, hmmm?
  2. Cat - I think if you got veiny, it would make the bag look richer cuz of the color - I would say go for it! Veiny looks so good on the light colored bags - it adds texture! :yes:
  3. Pass, since you can't exchange it and you can't see it...
  4. I say pass. With a pricey item like this, I'd at least want to be able to exchange it if the leather turned out to be really thin or something. There will be more!
  5. Yes, this is true, veiny is much better on light colored leathers
  6. I say pass ~~~~~
  7. I'd go for it, I have grey cities from 05 and 06 and one's more marbled and veiny and the other's more smooth and less shiny and veiny, either one's beautiful and I think you'll love them either way:smile:
  8. I say pass too.:yes:
  9. hmm... pass?
  10. :angel: Ok I think I will be a good girl and follow the majority, so that meens I pass.
    I am just afraid I will regret it afterwards since this would be my last chance of being able to get a greige day (I exclude ebay, too pricey for the day)
  11. cat cat,:yes:
    I think you made the right decision....... another one will turn up
  12. catcat,
    I think you'll find another bag in the exact leather you want. Too risky - it seems the leather in this year's bags was really inconsistent. Good decision!
  13. catcat, veiny might be nice, but what if the bag shows up and has thin plastic-like, crepe paper leather...not so nice.
  14. i'll have to say pass....
  15. Well, I might be in the minority but here goes...

    I've seen 6 greige b bags...2 day's 1 city and 3 twiggys. All of them had consistently soft and squishy leather. The griege bags seem to be much more consistent.

    So if it was me, I would take the chance and go for it.:smile: