I need some urgent help!! a birkin I couldnt resist!!

  1. ok.. that sounds crazy.

    this morning i just randomly spoke to my bf about.. I found I am in love with rouge birkin as well as yellow birkin. I would like to change my order to a rouge and a black 30 birkin with cherve or epsom leather. ( my original order is 35 togo orange and black - 2 birkins)

    and then.. he said how about I ring up some of the store to see what I can get for you from " My connection".

    and then I was sitting beside him while he was on the phone with the manager. he rang up europe, malaysia and Australia. And he found out there is a rouge 30 birkin in epsom leather available !!! Oh my god!! this is the same as I mentioned this morning!!

    I am more than happy to get it now! but .. I already bought 2 birkin this year ( 1 BJ and 1 JPG )... isnt that too much? I dont want to ask him to pay for me first and I pay him back.. I dont like the idea of owning ppl money. But it is my dream birkin!! everything match my requirement! how can I say no?

    help!! what will you do??
  2. ChloeSS, get it! GET IT! It's your dream Birkin, you were just talking to your bf about it, and it's available right now... it was meant to be! Is it here in Australia? Which rouge is it? But I think rouge anything is marvelous coz I just love reds. Oh Chloe, you must get it!
  3. get it..get it! else SS will get it..j/k :rolleyes:
    if it's your dream bag..what are the chances you will find the exact specs! get it now!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  4. I have to ask my bf , he always not telling me where he got those birkin from. I guess he must knew someone work at headoffice or something like that.

    But i guess might be either australia or malaysia.

    I am in big headache now... I didnt expect to spend on another birkin.. since I got 2 this year. but thi sis hard to resist.

    I told my bf.. if it is either a 35 or togo or other color i will not consider! but it is 100% of my dream birkin, dream size, leather, color!! even the hardware! what else can i ask for?? !!!
  5. ^you just answered your own questions! if the fund is there....definitely go for it!! very sweet bf you have!
  6. Exactly! Can't ask for anything else! It's meant to be yours, Chloe! I know you've already bought 2 Birkins this year so a third is indeed a major luxury but when will you be able to get this opportunity? If you pass on it, you may regret it and if you wanted to order it, may take a while, etc, etc.

    It's nearly the end of the yr now anyway, so just don't buy anymore Birkins until say June next year. And NO MORE looking until then, in case you get tempted, lol!

    Is it pall or gold h/w? Your bf is so sweet to ring up for you and I'm impressed with his "connections"!!!
  7. SS where is your avatar? can you put your JRT pic on it? :heart::heart:with an H item! hehe!
  8. Yeah, Fesdu. How bout you and I gang up and MAKE her buy it? Lol! Wonder where everyone else is today? There are quite a number of ppl viewing this forum, right?? Maybe visitors..
  9. I'm trying to figure out which item I could put on there. Something subtle, maybe a part of a scarf pattern. I do like the Jeux D'ombres shadow figures.. But oh no.. I can't get my JRTs near my stuff. They'll think it's some new toy!
  10. hehe yea..we are just doing shopmom's duty right now! making poeple buy buy buy! LOL
    I guess the NYCer had too much fun w/ shopmom..they need to rest.
    it's pretty dead here...Where is GF my nightly comedian?

    so Chloe, GET IT!:lol:
  11. hmm what if i dont have enough fund for it? should i ask my bf to pay for it first?

    ai.. it is the hardest part of the overall situation..

    I normally will not consider to borrow money to shop but birkin is a special case.. if I order one, it might take at least 1 year or more. and it is very small chance that you will see u r dream bag sitting on the shelf.
  12. a scarf pattern would be nice! but no dead animal please!
    I bet your JRTs are soooo adorable!! (mine is just plain wacky)
  13. depends on the relationship between you and bf. but if he is the one Making you have this headache..he SHOULD solve the problem!:devil::devil::devil::devil:
  14. Fesdu,

    ha ha ha.. i need to have a 'nice talk' with him today! Everytime when he ring up the store for me i will say " pls pls pls dont have me that they have the color i want"

    and it seems like everytime he managed he get me something. Last time he got me the white JPG. and a black birkin for his sister. this time, he got me the rouge birkin!

    May I know how many different red color that hermes has? cos my bf only knew it is rouge.. but not very sure excatly what shade of red.
  15. yes, I think you should get it.... of course, if it's a lot of money, make sure bf knows that you will pay him back...