I need some seriously light foundation powder!

  1. So I am a pale ghost. I am uber UBER pasty white. I like it actually, I think it looks nice with my red hair. Anyways, because of that I have a VERY difficult time finding foundations and powders pale enough. I just got Shiseido's Stick Foundation in their "Very light Ivory" and it's almost light enough but is still not quite my light shade. Also, my skin is so terrible I need a powder foundation to matte my skin out and that's where I seem to have the most difficulty. I have Clinique, Covergirl, both in what I think is their lightest shades, and it's still a little too dark.

    Anyways what I was wondering, do any of you know of a REALLY light foundation powder? I want to keep my pale skin but I can't seem to do it with makeup! I swear I have to blend all the way down my neck to make it look like I'm not wearing a mask.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Have you tried Bare Escentuals in the Fair shade? That's the lightest mineral foundation that I've found. If you use the Mineral Veil on top of the foundation it makes it even a little lighter.
  3. You mean fairly light? Yeah I recently tried that on my search. It's good as a foundation but it isn't a matte powder. It's actually a little too dark. I wish I could only wear a foundation and thats it but my pores are huge, my skin is oily, and the only way to make me not look gross is if I have a nice matte powder on top.:crybaby:
  4. No, I mean Fair. It is actually one shade lighter than the Fairly Light color. And that's what the Mineral Veil is for - it has corn starch in it which really helps absorb oil and keep your skin nice and matte.
  5. Oh theres a lighter shade? Thats awesome!
    I tried the mineral veil but I never see any difference when I put it on, so I have to put on something on top of that to make my face the matte I want. I was surprised because people are always praising the veil but I see no difference on my face when I use it. I might need to check out that Fair shade tho. I do like BE
  6. Try the Mineral Veil alone as it is very light in color. I generally use it over my colored foundation, but it couldn't hurt to try. Either that or try M.A.C. they make every color known to man, and in every medium!
  7. Try applying Mineral Veil first before the BE foundation powder. Or mixing it. Both solutions worked for me as long as I didn't put too much on, which is very easy to do.
  8. I'm very fair skinned too, I usually like creme foundations (or tinted moisturizers) but for my days i feel like wearing a powder i really like Loreal's true match pressed powder (my shade is alabaster).
    It seems very finely groud and it blends perfectly. I have to admit I'm very impressed for such an inexpensive powder!
  9. You could try getting the Prescriptives custom foundation made up for you.

    They will make it up to your specific skin-tone and they can make it in a powder compact or a liquid foundation.
  10. The Bare Minerals make-up is designed to give you a luminous, and not matte, complexion. It takes a while to get used to, but you should give it a chance. Luminous skin actually looks more natural, and less made-up, and I love the way it looks on me. I also have problems with VERY oily skin, lol.
  11. I think you should take a look @ mac studio fix, they have a TON of colors and seem to go very light.
  12. Wow thanks for the suggestions gals! I bought a couple Cover Girl compacts yesterday at Walgreens as they were buy one get 50 percent off. The Tru Color and the Smoothers powders in Translucent Fair and I actually think they may be light enough. I'm going to check out what you girls suggested too, I love makeup!!
  13. Either MAC, they have all kind of foundations and powders, shade NC 15 or NW 15 depending on your complexion. Then there's still Giorgio Armani, there is a liquid foundation and a powder that are really white, shade # 0