I need some perspective & words of encouragement here!!

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    Okay... this is kind of a silly thread, but I need some perspective here...

    I just found out that the NM in Troy just started carrying Balenciaga bags, and they have taken over an entire section!!! :yahoo: I'm going over there tomorrow, and I haven't been able to STOP thinking about this since I found out this weekend!!!

    Okay... so my question is for you ladies that have a venue that carries them in stock close by - HOW do you keep yourself in control around all of these lovely bags!! I'm afraid that I am going to walk in knowing I shouldn't be buying anything... and walk out with a new bag *or two*.... LOL... The newness of having them close wears off... right?? RIGHT????

    These pictures from the NM in San Fran have pushed me over the edge... :roflmfao: I will just walk in and faint if Troy looks like that.... PS... that Vert Gazon is calling my name... I don't know if I can handle seeing it IRL and not bringing one home with me.
  2. My NM that is about 20-30 minutes away just started carrying Balenciaga within the past year but the selection is still pretty small. I guess that is why it doesn't bother me as much! Make sure and post pics of what you end up buying!:graucho:
  3. :roflmfao: LOL.... That's not helping.

    And yes, of course I'll post pics!!

    Oh dear... I am just worried, because Troy is only 20 minutes away, actually 10-15 if there isn't any traffic... :shocked:

    The only thing that has kept me from ending up with a new bag every week, was that I had to figure out what places had... order it over the phone or email, wait for it to be shipped... yada, yada... NOW... if I've having a bad day? I can just hop in the car for a lil "pick me up".... :smash:

    LOL... perhaps what I am going to have to do is allow myself something new these first couple of times, then instill a browsing rule... Oh, I'm in trouble... :wlae:
  4. I think sometimes when something IS more available, you have more restraint. I have two stores within 20 miles that sell them and I don't buy bags all the time. In fact, most of the bags don't interest me. Barney's sells so many GH bags, I don't even care. I don't like them. The other store has a lot of colors that I don't really like so I am not tempted.
  5. I get so embarrassed to be lurking in the bbag section too frequently - I think the SAs think I am nuts - so I don't go very often. I intentionally keep away from it except for maybe once a month.
  6. I have an easier time resisting once I see them in person. Sometimes I think I buy certain bags, just out of desire and curiousity to see and touch them. It took a while for Saks to reopen in New Orleans because of Katrina. Now that its open, I'm doing better with my buying urges. I will say that I got obsessed with the antracite city last time I went to Saks. Its been about 2 weeks and I haven't bought it yet. I'm trying to be good.:hysteric: :hysteric:
  7. Good question...I'm actually pretty good about not doing impulse buys when I'm in store. I get to go to my local Nieman Marcus occasionally, and have only spent money on a Bbag there once. eBay and tPF MP to me, OTOH, are my pocketbook death knells! :sos: :devil:
  8. I probably live over an hour away from any bbags!!! And THANK GOD!!! i think I would have way more if I could go and oggle the bags like that!
  9. I am like kittenslingerie in that I find it easier to resist in person. Having just moved close to the San Francisco Neiman's I can actually see all the colors and leathers in real life and can make more intelligent choices.
  10. This is where it becomes important to have one of those wishlist/checklists and really think it through - and try to stick to it.

    But half the fun is being able to surprise ourselves...
  11. Anyway, we have only one Balenciaga store here and it takes about 25 mins walk from my workplace but if from my house, it will takes abt 45 mins journey. Even though there is only one here but i always have the thought to go there often jus to check what current stocks they have even though i know i can jus give them a call. If i'm resided in US, i guess i can't jus resist and can keep goin to a few stores there and i will be in deep **** as i will be droolin over the bbags there...hehehehe
  12. Actually, its a huge bonus to have a store close by because sometimes a nice browsing session is enough of a Bbag pick-me-up. It should also eliminate buying mistakes because you will know whether or not you love the color, if the size is right for you, and the leather is ice.
  13. If I lived near that NM in SF I would be bankruped by now. The only store that carries them near me is Barneys and they don't have such a big collection, plust I don't really like the leather on any of the bags I have seen there so that helps a TON.:sweatdrop:

  14. :sweatdrop: Oh.... I am hoping this is how it works out for me!! Also, as circoit mentioned... it may be a bonus to avoid "mistakes", for colors or styles that won't work for me...

    The plus side is that I have been debating between a brief, twiggy, and day - so now I can compare the different styles IRL, to know which one I actually like best!! (Instead of guessing...) Wish me luck, we'll find out how I react tomorrow!! LOL.... :roflmfao:
  15. Hi Bags4Bubbles,

    I live in nyc where everything is always available, and it is always a temptation, but the intense thrill does wear off. I know how you feel living in Michigan though. My mom lives in Ann Arbor, and it is a designer waste land. There is only the one mall, Somerset that carries high end designer goods, so you probably are feeling like a starving refugee from an impoverished country when it comes to designer goods :p. When I visit my mother and go to the regular mall there (twelve oaks or Briarwood are the nearest to her) I am literally shocked at the lack of interesting merchandise.:wtf:

    Enjoy the newness, because the thrill will wear off when the selection is not updated regularly and you have seen everything a couple of times, etc. It will be fun and handy to have a reference store to see the bags in person, but after the newness wears off you probably will not be as tempted as you think.