I need some patent!

  1. :sad: Since searching is disabled, I can't see the suggestions you lovely ladies have for some patent bags. I'm looking to get a patent bag, a big one! Not too small, preferably a tote or hobo but a hand-held/arm-bag will be fine as well.

    I've browsed Furla already so I know of their styles but any others I should know of? I want to spend about $500 but if it's a bit more it's ok. :tup:

    Thanks girls, can't wait to hear from you! :heart:
  2. Well this is the time to buy! There are some great sales out there. Check out Shopbop.com They have some really cute bags (including patent) at spectacular sale prices.
  3. Thanks, I'll definitely check it out. I'm hoping some people know of specific designers and handbag styles I should check out to help me choose. ;)
  4. How about this Isabella Fiore. It is on sale at Neimans for $446.

  5. Francesco Biasia has several nice patent bags out right now -- I have been looking fondly at the aubergine ones at my local Nordstrom, but they do not have it on line. Zappo's seems to have lots of FBs.
  6. Dooney and Bourke's Hayden bag is gorgeous! Especially in RED!!
  7. ^^ second the hayden bag by Dooney!
  8. Not sure who has this in stock any more, but Bulga has a big patent shopper you might like. Here it is in camel, but it comes in dark brown, too: