I need some opinions!

  1. Ok, so I just replaced the strap for my pochette accessoires, but the little leather tab at the end of the pouch is darker (since the bag is about two years old now). It isn't too dark though, just a light golden color since the patina has had some time to form. Do you guys think there is a way to speed up the patina process for the new strap? Or should I just let it catch up naturally? I don't want to go as far as to replace the little leather tab, because it is not dirty or damaged...so that would be a waste of money at this point in time. I know I probably sound really picky, but what do you think?
  2. im sure it will patina quicker if you use it more often! :smile:
  3. People have suggested babywipes...but I think you should let it wait out, imho..;)
  4. I think you should let it patina naturally, to avoid any possible stains that may come if you babywipe the bag. Although some here have not had any probs with babywiping their bags. I can undestand that bothering you! I doubt no one else will notice though.
  5. Yeah y'all are right. I'm going to let it happen on it's own. The leather would most likely stain since it is so new. I ran a cloth with Coach leather conditioner over it, and it didn't do anything, and I'm definitely not about to try anything else. The Coach conditioner worked well on helping disguise water spots on my Papillon 26 (three years old). I guess everyone finds their own little system that works. Let me know if there is a good way to deal with keeping up the leather of the older LV's like my Papillon.
  6. Definitely naturally. Good luck!