I need some opinions, PLEASE??

  1. I did a little shopping yesterday and found these 3 bags at the outlets...but I've pretty much decided against the satchel, since I don't really ever actually use my hand-held bags. It's gorgeous, though and lightweight.

    The Carly doesn't fit as well on the shoulder as the Bleecker duffle, but it's empty. I was thinking maybe if it had something in it, it would stay put?

    The Bleecker is a wonderful fit, in Ink, but that Carly is so pretty! Great prices too. The duffle was only $175; the Carly $343, but still better than retail!

    Any opinions on what I should stick with? Anyone have these bags? Does the Carly strap soften up & fit better with actual use?

    carly & me.jpg duffle & me better.jpg chelsea & me.jpg
  2. i would keep the carly 1st and then the bleeker - i am not feeling the satchel (and I am satchel girl) but the carly in that color is TDF and the bleeker duffle's well they just rock !
  3. I love the satchel - oh what I would do to have an outlet near me!!!
  4. I love the Carly....the color is gorgeous!
  5. Tough choices. Definitely ditch the satchel. If I were choosing I'd keep the Carly (that duffel seems so overwhelming to me). Plus it's a great neutral color.
  6. I think the Bleecker looks fantastic on you! I also love the satchel, although I'm not a satchel-kinda girl too. Carly is very pretty too, but out of all of them I prefer the Bleecker.
  7. Here is my vote
    #1 Satchel (looks GREAT on you)
    #2 Bleecker (lloks good on you as well)
    # 3 Carly ( I like the Carly ok but its not for me)
    I know how hard it is to decide, I have this problem all the time. Good Luck!!!
  8. Carly!!!
  9. My friend (who I just converted and introduced her to tPF tonight) were looking at your pictures and we agree on the satchel. You look the most comfortable holding that one. It is a classy bag. It gives you a sophicated look.
  10. I pick the Bleeker and the Carly. I don't like this particular satchel.
  11. I think the satchel looks amazing on you. I agree about not being a satchel kind of person - I am not - but it looks great on you!

    My second choice would be the Bleecker. You look more comfortable with it than you do with the Carly. The Carly is a great looking bag, but it isn't right for everyone and I don't think it looks as natural on you as the Bleecker (or the satchel).
  12. I vote duffle!
  13. I like the Carly the best!! :smile:
  14. I like the Carly first, but I'm also loving the satchel. What I wouldn't give for one of those in my outlet!
  15. I'd say keep the carly.. looks really nice on you