I need some opinion on the laptop... is the apple laptop user friendly?

  1. I am planning to buy a laptop for myself.

    I am choosing between IBM thinkpad or apple laptop. I've used thinkpad before and I think they are very reliable. but the outlook and the weight might be not as good as other brand.

    I've also looked into a Apple powerbook ( i think it is called powerbook and powerbook pro, not sure..) and they looks really cool and lightweight. My only concern is.. are they user friendly? I never use a mac computer before.. are there many different compare to XP system? and how's the overall performance? the battery life? are they durable at all?

    pls share you experience !
  2. I've had a whole bunch of different mac laptops: Ibook, Power Book G4 (12" and 15"), and currently use a 15" Mac Book Pro. I love the ease of use and all trendy things I can use it for. I am a big fan of Iphoto, Imovie, Idvd and have two different Ipods. I find that my latest MacBook has pretty good battery life and it literally is a take out of the box, turn on, and use. Also, this latest one seems much more durable than theones I've had in the past where I had problems with the casing denting and buckling (but that's because I dropped it). I don't use PCs so I can't really do a comparison for you. All I can say is that my technologically challenged parents use their new MacBook Pro for surfing the net, sending email, and everything else with minimal need for troubleshooting by me. That is saying a lot about ease of use!
  3. Yes to all of the above regarding the apple and I only have the Ibook. There is a thread here about the Apple laptops with a lot of great reviews.
    It took some time to learn the differences but I bought a book - MAC for dummies - and read it through and then used the help icon in each application. I would never go back to windows. Once you learn it (and it won't take long) it's the best. If you get stuck, Mac has tons of forums to help answer questions, too.
    Battery life is good and someone here wrote they drove over their mac and it still worked! Can't beat that:yahoo:
  4. thanks for u2's opinion. i am checking out apple website now.. the new macbook looks very good to me.

    I heard there is some limitation on the MAC system compare to PC. eg. some website u cant access through MAC. is it true?? or overall it is very similar except the platform?

    I got an Ipod too thats why i really want to have a mac laptop in order to link everything together.
  5. You'll just have to download firefox and you'll be fine. Some websites don't support Safari (Apple's Browser) but they do Firefox (you just have to go to the Firefox website and download the mac version) examples are Banana, Gap, Old Navy. :yes:
  6. how about the LAN plug? do i need to change it to firewire instead?
  7. I've recently converted, and I will never go back to Windows. I was nervous when I got my Mac that it would be hard to use, but learning to use a Mac is actually much easier than using to learn a Windows computer for the first time. I find each application to be very user-friendly. Also, there are a TON of great programs that come with new Macbooks... i.e. iTunes, Garage Band, iPhoto, iChat, Photo Booth, etc. I also bought Adobe Photoshop Elements for $89 - and I can do everything I used to do on Photoshop 6 (and then some!). The great thing about Macs is that your programs are all designed to work together, so things just "work". I think the best way I could put it would be: that Macs just make sense.
  8. I am wireless all the way but the few times I plugged in I used the reg. cable.
  9. I have a Compaq & my boyfriend has a Mac, and when I start grad school in the fall, I'll be buying a Mac. In terms of spyware & viruses, he doesn't have nearly the amount of problems I have with my PC (and yes I have antispyware & loads of virus protection stuff).

    I can't wait to get mine!
  10. It shouldn't take you long to figure things out.

    also, your iPod will work just fine on the IBM.
  11. i'm using apple for desktop and laptop!
    they're the best!!
  12. iTunes for Windows is buggy, annoying. iPod integration with a Mac is much better.
  13. i got an ibook about three years ago. it took me a while to adjust because theres a bunch of different things in comparison to windows. it has great function but i don't really know too much about computers. my SO has a Lenovo which he says is really really good and he did all the research lol.
  14. Maybe you've already made your decision, but I absolutely love my Macbook. I grew up on windows computers, but Apples are so much easier to manage. In my opinion, they are more user friendly. I am no Apple expert, but I haven't had any trouble trying to learn this new system--most things make sense! This is great because I'm a college student, and I really don't have time to sit and learn a totally new operating system. It's been wonderful
    Plus, my Macbook is cute... :smile:
  15. This is just not true. I get that you're a mac fan girl, but you don't have to spread bad information. iTunes works very well with both Macs and PCs. I however, don't care for the proprietary and DRM coding that goes hand in hand with iTunes.