I need some money, any ideas?

  1. I'm sure many of you heard about my recent rendezvous with some scammers in the Philippines. I'm desperate to try to bounce back from this (financially). Does anyone have any ideas on how to make some money? I'm pretty much flat broke, and I probably will be for the next couple of months during my attempts at recooping from my loss. I would totally be willing to do anything, I just need some money! So, any ideas, ladies? (I'm desperate! :cry: )

    P.S. I've already started parting with some of my bags! :amazed:
  2. Oh gosh.. I'm so sorry about the scammers!! And I totally feel you on the needing money thing.. I just looked at tuition fees for law school and YIKES! :shocked: Needless to say my purse fetish is going to be curbed as well :sad:

    As for fundraising ideas... if you have any old textbooks lying around they could be worth a lot of $$! I sold some of my textbooks on ecampus.com last month and got a LOT more money than my bkstore or ebay!

    And if you live near a university that has a psych research dept. you can get paid $10-12 an hour for participating in studies. I got paid $24 once to draw pictures for 2 hours and $12 for taking a personality quiz online LOL.

    Good luck & I hope you don't have to part with too many of your purses!!
  3. DoubleC, that really sucks, I'm so sorry! I'm not so good at thinking up these ideas, but maybe you can get go to a temp agency and have them find you a job for a few days a week at a law firm or something, doing simple filing and paperwork?
  4. well, what are your skills? Maybe there is something you could do "virtually" since you obviously have a computer and internet connection?
  5. how strange, I just got a call from my friend who said her boss can give me a job at the pizza place across the street from me! I worked at a pizza shop before and it's not so bad, I guess. It's like they saw my post! I guess this will help a little bit, but I think I still need to sell some of my girls..

    Thanks for the ideas, ladies!
  6. Doublec31, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with the scammers.

    There's this site I found through Google - not sure if it's of any help. Perhaps you could ask posters here if they have tried any of the suggestions given on the site?

    Good luck!

  7. BTW someone I know (I live in Singapore) took part in a Q&A session (a friend forwarded her an email about this survey) and she was paid S$20 cash and given a S$20 shopping voucher (ie around US$25 in all). Expenses incurred: transport charges (and a few hours of her time).
  8. i always get those mystery shopper links in my e-mail but im' skeptical about their validity.....has anybody ever signed up for them? :huh:
  9. My niece does mystery shopping-mainly supermarkets, has for a few years now. I don't think she found it on the web though-I think she works for a local outfit here in NY
  10. re:


    and others who want you to pay to get info, ALL that info is available free online. They won't guarantee you any jobs, they'll at best give you a list that you can get for free online. Mystery shopping pays very little. Ultimately it is hardly worth the effort.
  11. I used to do some mystery shopping, but there are not many shops in the area that I live. It can be a fun, easy way to make some extra money, but you aren't going to get rich. I have included a link to the forum that I frequented to learn more about the industry. There is also an area for schedulers to post for open shops.


    I prefer merchandising to mystery shopping. Merchandising is not brain surgery by any means, but you do need to have the ability to read and follow detailed directions. I have included a link to the NARMS website where you are able to do a state by state search of job postings. There is always part time, full time, and contract work available. I love that you are able to work your own schedule.


    When you go to the narms website, you need to select services for individuals on the left hand side of the page. Then scroll down and choose search the job bank where you can do the state by state job search.

    If anyone has questions about mystery shopping or merchandising, I'd be happy to answer them.

    NEVER pay anyone for mystery shopping info. The info they sell is readily available on the internet!!!!
  12. I know you got burned on ebay, but you could try selling some more moderately priced items and see how you do (and only offer to ship to the US). I've been selling some clothes and jewelry I don't use on ebay and have done quite well recently. I'm in a similar position right now, need money for the next few months, so I sympathize. Good luck doublec31! So sorry about the scammers, how infuriating!!
  13. I know of a few people that hit garage sales and then sell the items on Ebay and make some okay money at it.

    Can you waitress at a club? You can make killer tip money...
  14. Get in touch with market researchers, they are always on the lookout for people to participate in focus groups and such. Dunno how much it pays in the US, but I guess around 50$ per session?

    Good luck