I need some "Let-Trade" help! Thanks in advance!

  1. On Let-Trade there is an "Auth Louis Vuitton Epi Cheque Black Wallet" listed. Does anyone know what the name of this wallet is so that I can look at it's description on Vuitton.com?

    Also, is it okay to buy from Let-Trade? They always have authentic items?

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yes they always have authentic items, if you do a search for Let-Trade, you will read of many positive experiences of other members.
  3. Thanks Karman :smile:

    Do you happen to know the 'official' name for the small black Epi wallet on their site?
  4. I don't know; but that looks like a discontinued style to me.
  5. i love let-trade, great prices. sometimes their bags smell like moth balls but otherwise no problems.
  6. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it!!