I Need Some Info Please...On Hermes Scarves.

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am new to the forum, my name is Tina. I had a close friend of mine pass away recently and she left me with a few Hermes scarves (7 of them) They are really nice but I do not wear them myself and I am affraid these will just sit in my closet.

    I was thinking about selling them on ebay but I have no history and I was told by another friend that if I put them on there for sale with no feedback that people would think they are fake? From what I heard there are alot of fake ones that look like these scarves? My son has told me that they are real because they have tags on them and that the ends are rolled over and hand stitched? Also he told me that the real ones have a line above the second E? Is this information correct? All of the ones I have all have these marks. Does that mean they are real?

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge with these, but I am not very up to date on fashion...Anyway I was wondering if your ladies could tell me of a place where I can sell these nice scarves? I am not sure if I can sell them here or not? If not anyone know where?

    I can post pictures of them if anyone is interested in what they look like, Unfortunatly I do nopt know what these are worth either...I tried looking them up online but these are some older designs and I had no luck finding their values.

    I can have my son help me add some pictures here (I am not good with cameras myself) if you would like to see them, I mean if that helps with giving me some information.

    Thanks you ladies, I hope to hear from you soon!

    Oh, I almost forgot, my son has an email that he checks often it is


    He told me that he will let me know if anyone writes to me there. Thank you.
  2. Your not trying to sell us scarfs right?
  3. Oh no. I would like some information on the scaves I have please. I guess I have to post some descriptions or pictures for you to know. I am sorry I will have to have my son put on some pictures for you to see that way you will know which ones they are. I would also like to know where I cans ell them, I was told by my son that sometimes they do not let you sell things on a forum. So if that is not allowed then I will not sell them here...just looking for some information please.
  4. okay post the pics, but please do not try to sell them here, it's against the rules and you can get banned.
  5. Yahoo Groups has an Hermes Scarf message group that could possibly help you more than this group, which is mainly handbags.
    I think that if you put the scarves on eBay and are honest, and answer all questions posed by potential buyers you will do just fine. You will need to provide good close up pictures. Every seller on eBay has to start somewhere.
  6. Ok, let me describe some of them to you so you get an idea of which ones they are...I will have to have my son help me with pictures a little later today.

    The 1st one is a nice red white and blue on with the statue of liberty on it and the maerican flag also the french flag.

    there is one with nice decorated playign cards on it and it sais Le Tarot in the middle in yellow, the backround is blue

    lets see, the next one is a nice yellow and white one with a man on a horse and it has soem dates on it, 1837 and 1987.

    another one has some horse and buggies on it thats white and has other designs.

    One of them has nepoleon on it with a light blue backround.

    There is another one with blue and white and collums on it with 2 ladies, and in the middle it sais 1789/

    ok, the last one is black red gold and white also has the playing cards on it and sais Le Tarot.

    I hope this information helps, I will have pictures later hopefully so you have a better idea which ones they are, Thank you.
  7. Thank you baggaholic, I do not want to cause any trouble I am not selling these here just looking for some more information so I can sell them somewhere else, Thank you.
  8. Good advice, Golconda. I think eBay is a great place to start.....and just be honest. It comes through and those who are knowledgeable about Hermes scarves will be able to tell the real from the fake. Don't worry.
  9. Thank you for the advice, I might end up putting them on ebay with some help from ym son, he told me that people will be skeptical since I am new.

    If I do that I will have him take lots of pictures, thank you for the advise!
  10. You might consider a high-end consignment store in your area too. Just make sure you know what the original prices of the scarves are, around $320 each now, so you get a reasonable amount back. I would say eBay might be the best way to go to get more return. Maybe your son can help you sell them on eBay. I wouldn't worry about history too much. If they are truly authentic and you post good pictures, someone will buy them. Also look for eBay resellers in your area who may sell them for you and you just have to pay them a fee. Hope this helps.

    I recommend you keep at least one for yourself though, in memory of your friend. You might want to experiment with ways to wear them. You might just fall in love.... And even if you don't wear them, they make great art. You could have one framed. There's a thread somewhere in this forum with pictures on how to wear scarves. I'll have to find it and get back to you on it.
  11. Post pics, please and we can help idenitfy them. If you go to the Hermes Reference Library above and check the thread about Hermes scarves you can learn a lot, especially in terms of authentication.
  12. Oh thank you! thats a good idea I might just have to get one framed, wow what a great idea, Thank you. I will pick my favorite one and hang it in my bedroom, she was a close friend. very sad, she had cervical cancer. She left me other things too like clothes I can wear and books, we loved to read and talk about our books, so I have lots to remember her by.
  13. Thank you girls I will be back on later today hopefully with some pictures.
  14. Sounds like you were great friends. Sorry for your loss. I love the thought of you having one framed and hanging in your dressing room or bedroom.
  15. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I hope you will treasure every single scarf she has gifted you.

    Baggs, I'm with you. :sos: :sos: :ninja: :ban: