I need some hugs...

  1. Hi All,
    It's been rough for many of your guys lately, but I have been dealing with personal pet crisis myself... And I am just about to break down... My cat Wrigley got 'blocked' so he is staying in a critical care hospital tonight... This is his second strike in 2 years, and this time was worse. The first time, we were able to massage the plug out and he did not need to get catheterized. He had been doing well with the special diet... Well, two days ago our hot water pipe broke and leaked, so we have been having people go in and out of the house and had to lock my cats in the bedroom. I came home from work today and noticed something was wrong with Wrigley. Asked my husband who had been staying home these past 2 days. He said he was fine when he checked on them around noon (which was 2 hours before I came home)... He was stress-meowing and I first thought because of all the commotion downstairs. BUT I then noticed piles of vomit and small amounts of poo in odd places and noticed him straining. I connected the dots, immediately palpated his bladder and it was rock hard! :crybaby: I then dashed to the critical care hospital... This time was worse... His urine is very bloody and the plug was way distal... He was in so much pain. Wrigley and I have this thing that we go to the bathroom together almost every morning. And I watch his pee like a hawk. He appeared normal this morning begging for food and all, but apparently he wasn't ok... Cats are just too good at hiding illnes... Or I am just a bad mom!!!
    So that all happened today...but it wasn't all that has been happeneing in our household... Couple weeks back, I found a tumor on one of my dogs, Floppy, and it turned out to be cancerous... And the tumor is on the eyelid of all places! Being in the veterinary profession and working for board certified veterinarians, I have good connections, so I am fortunate to know great specialists in the area. Floppy's quality of life has not changed, and he is recovering from surgery, but nonetheless, mommy and daddy are worried... It is one of the slow growing tumor, so we left the eye intact and debulked the tumor and planted chemotherapy beads... And the chemo beads make the area very inflammed so the post-sx care has been somewhat challenging...
    Cancer dog, plumbing disaster, blocked cat... On top I have a cat Venus in chronic renal failure for a year now. She is doing very well and we are successfully managing her kidney disease... Please, NO MORE~~~:crybaby:

    Thanks for reading... Will someone give me HUGS???
  2. Of course you can have some hugs, hon. I'm so sorry. :crybaby:
  3. I'm very sorry to hear all that you're going through :sad:
    I hope there's some good news on the horizon
  4. Aww I am sorry. Sending you some hugs. I hope he gets better. I don't think you're a bad mommy at all. Cats are not like dogs, they kind of go off and do their own thing if they are not feeling well. They don't show what's going on with them like dogs.
  5. *big hug*
    You are definitely NOT a bad mommy! Don't ever think that! You definitely have a lot on your plate, I can't imagine how overwhelming 3 ill pets is. It sounds like you have some good connections and are working with great vets, so hopefully everything will work out for the best! I hope you hear some good news soon!
  6. A big hug to you and your furbabies!
  7. Big hugs to you and your fur family. You are an excellent mommy and very observant! Hope everything clears soon.
  8. Hugs for you and your kitty :sad:
  9. Hugs to you, your kitties, your dog and anyone else in your family who is sad:sad: I hope the days to come bring you some joy and happiness.:yes:
  10. Thank you so much everyone...:crybaby: I needed a 'place' to vent and ask for virtual hugs... And I knew you all were the place to go. I am bit overwhelmed, but I need to stay strong for my furry ones. THANK YOU AGAIN~~~!!!
  11. Ahhh!! I hope everything turns out ok for all. Over the years we have had terrible traumas with our loved ones (dogs and cats) so i can really sympathise.
  12. *Hug*

    Your kitty is in my prayers!
  13. Oh dear, I'm so sorry! (((hugs))) and prayers for you and your beloved pet(s). Our dogs and cats DO hide their pain from us as much as they can. I saw a program showing research on it, so you're not a bad fur-mommy.

    I hope everything turns out ok.
  14. Your pets are very blessed to have you as a Mom!!! If only more animals were so loved and well cared for!

    (((HUGS!!!!))) I hope things get better soon!
  15. :heart: :heart: :heart: H U G S:heart: :heart: :heart: