i need some help1!!!

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  1. can someone tell me if this is a fake bag or not? im interested in it, its being sold i ebay, yes i understand that there is a smudge on the bottom, but i need to know if the bag itself is fake.

    there were also pictures of a credit card type thing that said christian dior on it.

    can someone please help, the seller swears this is real
  2. Everything "appears" real but why get that? This line is already in the outlet. You can get it around $100+.
  3. well i could get it for like 76 right now
  4. Is it used? Perhaps ask the seller to send a close up photo of the bag to check out the stitch work. i.e. around the "2" area.

    Fakes have poor stitch work.
  5. are they usually single stitched or double stitched? i have a picture like that, and the stitchin looks real tight,and its the same pattern all around, i was just curious beacuse i saw a bag, with the same layout, except it had a number 1 on it, and diamonds goiong around the number one, and the bag also had big white flowers on it.
  6. Sorry I don't know if it's single or double stitch work. There is another one similar to this size/shape with number "1" with crystals outline and white flowers on it.

    They both are cute. I think the 2 is sporty and 1 is girly.

    Good Luck.
  7. awesome, thanks for your help it is much appreciated
  8. I dk....to me, the lettering looks off. Ask for more detailed pics..like of the serial # (which should be on the back of the inside tag)...
  9. if you mean fuzzy, i tried to make the picture a little bigger, but i kinda made it harder to look at, if you want i can post it, the size it was so maybe you can see it better?

    or do you mean the outside of the bag?
  10. to the top
  11. nobody else has a oppinion?
  12. I mean the outside lettering (The Dior lettering)...if you want I can show you a pic of my old bag to compare the letters...
  13. id like that a lot, if you didnt mind posting the picture