I need some help!

  1. Hello Ladies! I would like a new Chanel 'everyday' bag and wondered if you have any suggestions.....
    Something similar to the LV mezzo/piano.
  2. I don't think this is quite as large but it's as practical IMO, it's the Grand Shopping tote. IT's caviar leather so completely durable and is $1650.
  3. Does it have a zip top?
  4. it's 3 sections, 2 large ones, one on each side and between the 2 large sections is a large {but slightly smaller} zippered portion, large enough for a big wallet easily.
    I have an interior photo but it was too but, let me resize it real quick . . .
  5. let's see. . .
  6. OOOO!!!!! Thank you! That bag looks perfect. Thanks for the photos, especially the interior one. I am so excited now...
  7. no problem!
    It comes in Navy/silver
    beige/silver {I think - may be gold}
    and I preordered it in brown/silver for F/W
  8. The brown/silver sounds great for Fall. Do you know if they do one in black/silver?
  9. they haven't before, but someone here said they think one is coming this F/W
  10. Yep-according to my Saks SA it will come in black/silver. I preordered one at the trunk show a couple of weeks ago.
  11. The Grand Shopping is gorgeous and a lot more practical than the Medallion (although I do love it too)...I just find it easier to get things in and out with the Grand Shopping.
  13. i love the white one...o yea it has silver hw.... but i like it in the petit size because...well im petit ..
  14. Thanks!!! I will definately try to order the black/silver one.
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