I need some help....

  1. I have the Gold heart and cosmetic case paid for at the store that I am picking up tomm. she also rung the Pomme case and has the Amarante heart (the Pomme was sold) on hold for me. I like my stuff to match which is why I got both in gold but someone just brought a good point to my attention. The Gold case may get all banged up inside the purse. Now I cant decide what to do...

    Should I keep the gold heart and then get the Pomme case? What do you think is prettiest? I guess I shouldnt be so nuts about accessories matching.
  2. i personally think the vernis would hold up better than the miroir, at least if its going to be thrown inside of a bag. i think the miroir items are more "collectible" items, that can be used like bag charms (e.g. the hearts), that kind of thing.

    i have an indigo vernis keyholder (that i bought used) and i am not careful with it AT ALL, and its still looks fairly new (i always just chuck it in my bag, have dropped it on asphalt a couple times, etc)l doesnt' have a major scratch on it, still pretty shiny. it's real leather so you'd expect it to hold up well.

    i've never had anything in miroir (but i will in about a few hours, just got called from LV, woo), so i don't know how durable they are. but from what i've seen from other's posts, its' a lot more delicate. the outside is not leather, it's PVC, which tends to "wrinkle" or "bubble".

    but if u love the miroir cosmmetic case, i'd say go for it anways. i am getting one knowing full well that i can't use it as a regular cosmetic case...i just think it's too pretty to pass up! :biggrin:
  3. Thanks sweetneet...I cant wait to see them all tommorrow. They really have some nice stuff coming, I want to see the Love Bandeau too. I hope they have one. I dont recall if that was limited too.