I need some help

  1. I'm listing my MJ Multipoket.. can you guys give advice as to what a reasonable starting price would be ?
    I bought it in Jan 05 and used it only a couple of times.. also does anyone remember the name of this color I forget was it "rose" ?

    TIA - :heart: Laura

  2. have you done a seacrh on eBay of ended items?
    You can see what they started and sold for, I LOVE that feature!
  3. I would say 500 ...
  4. was the name dusty rose?
  5. Yah I treid that but there haven't been many listed.. and most of them dont look authentic :sad:

    Yah thats the name .. thanks so much !!! ;)
  6. Ebay is tough for Mj because there seems to be so many fakes out there. I sold my Mj multipocket in a pale pink and i got about $400 for it, but mine did have a small pen mark on it. You never know though it may be a very coveted color. I would just start the listing at the lowest price you would like to get for the bag...and basically see from there. There's a ebay listing fee sale. $.20...or something, don't know the specifics, but you should check it out. It might be the perfect time to list an expensive item. Good luck
  7. From your pic, it looks like Washed Rose. Dusty Rose was a much lighter pink.
  8. ^ agree, dusty rose was a lighter/paler pink.
  9. Thanks for all your help ladys ! Got it listed !

    :heart: Laura
  10. OC GIRL !!! THANKS SO MUCH YOU ROCK !! I actually found the original tags (they were in the box) and the color is WASHED ROSE :biggrin: