I Need Some Help !!

  1. Hi guys , hope you can give me some advice !
    My midnight mabel is getting trashed as I am using for a everyday
    bag ( antiqued leather , nightmare !!)
    So I want to buy another one to use for everyday use, I`m thinking olive Euston,
    Does anyone know if this bag is suitable for every day life ?
    Or maybe a red mabel as this is goatskin , more durable ????
    Help me save my midnight mabel from getting trashed futher !!!:sad:
  2. Ooo,Tara I don't know about the Euston at all,I've only seen it on here. All I can recommend is what I've got really.I reckon a choc Elgin in darwin would be good,or would that be too big.I did get it becausse I can practically fit Sophie in it,let alone all her garbage!!! I know a roxy isn't your thing but the choc color and leather makes it supremely useful,so maybe another style in that color??xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Definately agree with Chaz - the choc darwin does seem to be really durable. I didn't spray mine (Elgin) for ages, and despite that, it has stayed in great condition - no scratches and no rain spots.

    I know you really fancy the Olive Euston though. I have no experience of that - but I'm guessing that the Olive might wear in the same way as the oak - ie.prone to showing marks and rain spots, unless you treat it. Having said that, I think either would be a fab everyday bag - easy to match with outfits, and with the built in beauty of Darwin in that it does get better with use.

    I'm sure I mentioned this before, but at Bicester a couple of weeks ago, they had the Euston in both choc and oak (sorry, no olive- on that day, anyway) and I thought they both looked great. I'm pretty sure they were £247 - bargainlicious :tup:

    Your mabel sounds fab, and I completely understand your need to keep her that way. Good luck with the hunt. Think you should start a campaign - *SAVE THE MABEL* *SAVE THE MABEL* *SAVE THE MABEL*.....

    OK, I'll get me coat....
  4. The only thing that concerns me with the euston is the light tan webbing around the bag could get dirty and grubby looking- so that is what has put me off getting that style. How about an Annie or an Effie for an everyday rugged bag?
    Again I'd recommend the chcocolate darwin!
  5. Thanks for your replies , the thing is I having a coloured bag phase , thats what first drawn me to Mulberry , done all the brown`s with my bridge bags.
    What about a red mabel is the goatskin more durable than antiqued leather?

    I agree with jo about the euston bag , maybe to much canvas !! bound to get dirty.

    I`m not chic enough for a bayswater , big bags swamp me , help ............. !!
  6. All this talk is making me want a chocolate elgin!!! I will have to stop reading.
  7. I`m now off to my local HOF mulberry to wreck their shop once more ! They dread me going in !!

    Will try maybe a few different styles that I`ve not before .
  8. Sarajane will be about soon,I'm sure,she has a few different ones, She's smitten with her olive Phoebe,or how about asking Jo about her Annie,both gorgeous bags!!!Maybe they'll have just the answers your looking for??xx
  9. Hahahaha!! Don't leave your bag on a shelf!!!!xxxxxxxxxx:roflmfao:
  10. I was looking at the Effie and got the Alana instead as my everyday bag. The main reason I didn't get the Effie is that I do refer to my bags by their name and I had visions of the children in my class shouting

    'have you seen Ms. Snorkmini's Effin bag? She can't remember where she put it!'

    Not good if an inspector is hanging around LOL
  11. Hahahahaha!!!!! Brilliant!!!
  12. The goatskin seems very durable imo. A girl at work has the large black Mabel and it's SO robust. I wouldn't advise getting Darwin if you're bothered about scratches - even the chocolate, which is the most robust of the darwins, still scratches. You need to rub them out from time to time. The goatskin doesn't scratch as easily. I mean, it probably would scratch with a sharp object, like a knife, but it wouldn't scratch with a fingernail or something like that (unlike Darwin).

    Having said that, the antiqued leather that the Mabels are made from is far more delicate than darwin, I think. It's what put me off the midnight Mabel in the first place - love the colour but the leather would drive me mad.
  13. I`ve just spotted a lovely bag in HOF , new chocolate mabel in Tumbled grain leather , really soft leather but seem`s robust , its fab lovely chocolate colour with gold detail :heart:

    One problem I haven`t got £600 :crybaby:

    Will have to ring outlet stores tomorrow , think I want another mabel either goat or tumbled grain.
    Don`t think the tumbled grain will be in outlets for a while yet !!
  14. Oh I take it all back what I said about brown bags !
  15. Hi All

    Just noticed that Darwin seems to be under a new title on the Mulberry website - don't they use Darwin anymore, or has it been re-launched?

    Anyone know?