I need some help!

  1. Ok, I just got a job as a waitress at what my new boss calls "the cleanest restaurant in town," (which is the God's honest truth) and we're the only restuarant in town to have uniforms...anyway...I had a few questions about hair and makeup.

    I wear Bare Essentuals and so I think I'm good for makeup. I wear the Light foundation, the warmth and just started the eye shadow starter kit, and I love it. So I'm think I'm set.....but feel free to suggest things there....

    As for hair...my hair is cut in cute layers, and it hits me right at my Colar Bone...or just below. I know with waitressing I'll have to wear my hair back so I'm just wondering some cute easy ways.

    My schedule is crazy...I've got school all day Monday, no working then. I've got a class on Tuesday afternoon, so I will have to start working at opening time, 5 am and work till 11 (class starts at 1, but I live an hour away!) which sucks cause I won't get the lunch crowd, but Wednesdays I don't have any classes so I could work straight through...(I want to work both shifts, but that's just me) and Thursdays I've got a class from 8:30 to 12:30,. so I can work the 2 to 9 shift. Fridays no classes. I'll work Sat. too. So what I'm getting at here is it has to be quick, but sturdy enough to last all day long.

    I'm in a bind....oh BTW, my boss said I needed the "No Skid" black shoes from Wal-Mart....any idea what they are? She didn't say what brand.
  2. Anybody?
  3. Are you allowed to wear headbands, or does your hair have to be enitrely up? Headbands and scarves are always cute.
  4. I don't know....
  5. Can you put your hair in a ponytail with a cute headband too? That would get all your hair off your face. I would ask other waitresses--even at different places what are the most comfortable shoes to buy. I see a lot of waitresses wearing nice sturdy sneakers at a few places around here.
    Good luck with the job but please make sure you don't burn yourself out. Take the time to do some pampering on yourself and remember to make the time to study too--but I feel that is not going to be your problem at all. I hope you have fun and make a ton of tips and maybe meet some cute guys.
  6. Yes the cute guys thing is something I'm looking forward to..however I've got a sneaky suspicion that no cute guys will be darkening the door of the StageCoach Grill, so I'm hopeful for school.

    I found the shoes Jen (my boss) wants me to wear....I've been fiddling with my hair (styling is a hobby of mine) and I've found some cute styles....if I leave it natural it's SO curly it's hard to maintain....so regular ponytails are in order for "au naturale" days....aw heck I don't know!
  7. How about a small bun with like a ribon/alice band in your hair?
    That would be cute:biggrin:
  8. Well my hair is cut into so many laters I can't really wear a bun. My head would be full of bobby pins.