I need some help with LV authenticity card!

  1. OK...Here is the story, and I need a solution.

    I sold a Louis Vuitton Mirror Alma on eBay about 6 months ago. The buyer received the bag fine and left me a positive feedback....but few days ago, she wrote me a message saying that she tried to resale the Alma on eBay a few times, and eBay removed her listing
    [FONT=Arial, Verdana] due to "Unauthorized/Trademark Infringement" issues.
    She said after writing ebay back and forth a few times, ebay said that there was "something" in the listing make the ebay believe the bag in not authentic.

    Now she came back to me and said the bag I sold to her was a fake that she wanted her money back unless I can provide the authenticity card to prove the bag is not a fake. OMG.. :wtf:First of all, it has already been months after I sold her the bag. Second, as far as I know, LV NEVER had "authenticity card" come with their bags.Their bags should have series number inside the bag, a booklet, possible a tag with style number on it and a Louis Vuitton card. I think that's enough to prove the bag is not a fake.

    I want to know==>
    1. Is it seller's responsibility if your buyer's resell listing was removed?
    2.Can anyone tell me how to deal with this kind of things? She said she will file a claim with paypal and ebay to get her money back if I can't give her the card.
    3. Does Louis Vuitton bags have authenticity card like Chanel have?
    I think if she ever received a LV bag came with authentic card, that bag must be a fake.

  2. whoa thats a tough on. good luck.
  3. Do you still have the original receipt? I dunno about the card question - I've never gotten one that says this is authentic LV. Did you buy the bag at a boutique? You could give her the store info if you don't have the receipt so she could call to verify .. of course that doesn't prove what you sent her is what you bought at the store .. sorry I'm not much help - I can't imagine a buyer after 6 mos. now asking for more "stuff".
  4. I just PM you.
  5. I sent her the original receipt as well, but she insist to get a authenticity card.

    I tried to call the LV boutique that I bought the bag from, but I think I was too stupid that I told them I resell them to other people. They told me they can't give me a copy of the receipt. :sad:
  6. Tell her that Authentic LV's do not come with authenticity cards and that she must call her local LV store and ask for more info about this. She could probably take the bag in (without telling them that she bought it on ebay) and ask if its authentic because it was a gift.

    I dont have a clue why ebay is taking it down, maybe because she isnt giving enough pics/info on the bag.
  7. I dont *think* they are allowed to refuse copy of receipts, go to the other nearest LV where you live and tell them its for insurance purposes and that you have lost the original. :smile:
  8. Thank you soooooooo much!! You just made my day!:yahoo:
  9. this should be in a ebay thread
  10. sorry, I didn't have a lot of experience posting. Just asking question about if Louis Vuitton have auth card or not.
  11. no, not like chanel have, you get a small card with things that tells you what its made from and they have a date code which shows where and when they were made.
  12. there is no authenticity card. she can have it authenticated by my poupette though...?
    good luck on the rest!