i need some help with ebay.

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  1. i bouth something before 4 days with credit card (no paypal) and the seller didnt got my money.

    i completely did a checkout and everything. all i can do is wait...

    its supposed to take more time then paypal?
  2. Call your credit card company to find out if your payment to your seller went through or not.
  3. no it didnt.. but why?
  4. You called your credit card company? What they said? If payment really did not go through (make sure this with your credit card company) then probably yo should re-submit payment via Paypal?
  5. they dont see any charge.

    how can i re-submit payment? i dont have this option in ebay...
  6. If your credit card company told you that sure there was no charge made, I believe you can re-submit your payment.
    Have you go to your e-Bay page and see your WON item? Make sure there is no $ icon that indicating you have paid.
    You can re-submit your payment by click the Pay Now button.
  7. ther is no $.

    and i won the item and ther is no pay now button.

    if iam trying to click "pay now" from my email (a messege that says that i won the item) then its telling me that i already did a checkout for this item.
  8. Your Seller may have their own check out-probably with Auctiva.

  9. Did you do a e check? Where it says your payment will be through by so and so day? If yes that goes through your bank account and the seller does have to wait for it to -clear...
  10. no no e check. just credit card.

    u put the number in ebay when you buy the item and thats it.
  11. Have you tried actually contacting the seller and explaining what happened?
  12. sure,thats the answer i got from her:

    sorry- i have not recieved paypal notice or any phone in credit card.
    how did you send the money?

    so i send another messege and told her that i bouth it with credit card without paypal.
    no reply for now...
  13. How long ago did you send the response stating that you paid via credit card?
  14. I am lost how can you pay via creit card with no paypal? I do not understand what you mean you just type in the credit card numbers...where did you type them into?
  15. Did you receive any email confirmation for your payment at all? I highly recommend paying through PayPal if you have to re-submit payment.