I Need Some Help With 1St Chanel Purchase!

  1. Hello All,

    I'm pretty new to Chanel and would like to purchase my first bag soon. I've been reading this forum and I know there was a price increase recently and they reissued some bags as well. I really want to make a good solid first purchase so I need your help. I'm a handbag fanantic I scooped up several Gucci bags this past week due to the sale going on and I want a Chanel to round out my purchase. I'm not to familiar with the style names but let me know if this is available I really love the Cambon tote and the multipocket bag as well (please forgive me I not sure if the name is correct quilted bag with double cc on the corner). I know this is also a big sale season and would like to know where I should start. I live in the NYC metro area so I have access to most retailers. Thanks!!!!
  2. The multipocket is called The Reporter.
    I'd start at all your local Chanel boutiques and dept stores that stock it:yes:
    The dept stores usually have better sale selection.
  3. Thanks for the name now I won't feel like a complete idiot calling around asking for it by the wrong name!!!
  4. Ooh how exciting! I agree with Swanky, call around and ask about that reporter! Good luck and report back!

  5. Call Neimans in Las Vegas at the Fashion Show Mall, they had quite a few Cambon bags, both the reporter and the tote. Good Luck!!!
  6. I saw a cambon reporter at the NM in Boca last week, but i can't remember the color!!! sorry.
  7. The brown reporters are on sale this season.
  8. Thanks All!! I will call the Vegas Location to get more info. The selection is pretty limited in these parts because I'm looking sooooo late in the sale season