I need some help regarding my claim with Paypal.

  1. I purchased a counterfeit LV wallet on eBay(2 weeks ago) and file a claim with Paypal, the seller had respond and the claim is being view by Paypal.
    I tried to email the seller to solve the problem but she is vicious and unreasonable and there is No way to communicate with her. I've heard some stories that if the seller withdraw all the money in her account,then you cannot get full refund.I contact my Credit card co. to start the charge back process and today I received the letter from my credit card co. stated that they have contact paypal but not yet get any reply from Paypal, but in the meantime they have SUSPENDED THE CHARGE FROM MY ACCOUNT(credit back to me the charge).
    My question is WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? My claim with Paypal is still open (I have not yet received any email from Paypal),Paypal is viewing it.
    Should I contact paypal to close the claim? I don't means to get twice the credit.
    PLEASE HELP:confused1:.
  2. if you get twice the credit well then good for you.
    the scamming seller deserved it!!
    forget about the paypal claim.
    try to post a message and ask paypal
    if they have any follow up on the case.

    PLease post the username of the seller so we know to be careful when we deal with him. Thanks!!!
  3. DO NOT EVER CLOSE THE CLAIM WITH PAYPAL until you get your money back. Your CC company is communicating with PP and determining the status of your case. If PP reverse the charges, your CC will be credited. If you have buyer protection, you will receive your refund even though the seller withdrew all her funds from her PP account.

    Bottom line is, never close a claim until you see your money!
  4. I don't think we can post any name on this forum. But please look at this eBay# 200146267249 and 200143790970 these are 2 negative she already got. I have not leave any feed back yet. I will wait after the result of my claim and will give her a big red dougnut.
  5. :roflmfao:

    You should neg her but do it professionally. State the facts and abstain from profanity/name-calling etc.

    Good Luck with your claim. :yes:
  6. Thank you very much for your advice :tup:.
  7. Just curious if this is accurate. I am in almost the exact situation as the OP and everything in PP's user agreement and legal mumbo jumbo says that they will recover what they can from the user's account but if no funds are available they cannot give a refund.

    Does anyone know which is correct as perhaps I am misunderstanding their legal stuff.
  8. I just talked to PP customer service and they advised that yes, if the auction was covered under buyer protection, the funds would be credited even if the money has been withdrawn from the seller's account.

    This is such a relief.

    However, they also told me that in addition to the 10 days they give someone to respond to a claim, they now give a 24 hour grace period so the person actually gets 11 days not 10. This I am not so thrilled about.
  9. Thank you bnjj for the info. Paypal will pay under buyer protection, but if the seller only have $200.00 paypal protection on their auction,I wonder if the buyer still get the full amount(my case is $270.00),or just $200.00?:confused1:
    I've heard some stories that the buyer only get a small amount back if Paypal cannot get any money back from the seller???
    Any info. wil be greatly apreciated.
  10. You will get the full amount under buyer protection listed in the auction, which could be as low as $200 (each auction varies so check the listing).

    As I mention above, it does not matter if there are no funds in the account - buyer protection will protect you regardless.
  11. Paypal was no help to me when purchasing an LV Tango that was significantly not as advetised. I paid 25.00 for an appraisal letter and all paypal said was everyone has their interpretation of the item and that the purse does not affect the use of it. It was a piece of disgusting junk I received.

    Good Luck with your claim, hope it works out for you. Like others said, do NOT cancel the claim, once it's cancelled you can't go back.