I need some help... Please

  1. I sold something on eBay about a month ago and the person e-mails me today saying that they still have not received the item since it has been a month. They said if I have another one, I should send it or I should refund their money. It was a small planner (worth like 15.00) and I shipped it USPS first class mail. I said in my description that unless insurance is taken out, I will not be responsible for lost or stolen packages. So what should I do... I thinking that the person did not take out insurance and I shipped it and I have my receipt to show that I shipped it. I want to stick to my policy, but I am afraid of getting negative feedback....What should I do?
  2. Well, unfortunately insurance is really more for the seller than the buyer. If they file a claim eBay will most likely side w/ the seller (sucks but true).

    If I were you I would refund the $15 or send another one w/ insurance. Because I would rather be out $15 than have a negative feedback.

    I sell a lot on eBay & NO MATTER WHAT it is I always do insurance & just automatically roll it into my S&H fee. Don't give buyers the option to say no to insurance. 'Cuz like I said before its really for the seller not the buyer!

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks...I think I will just send her another one. I have 100% feedback and I don't want to screw it up over 15.00. Thanks so much for your help MassLaw15
  4. Is this a joke question? It's 15 USD? right?, just refund the buyer...or send another.

    I always do insurance...very well worth it. Don't screw up feedback over a foolish mistake...
  5. You're very welcome! Yea, don't mess w/ perfect feedback over 15 bucks. Not worth it! Good Luck!
  6. Did you get a tracking number? I always purchase a tracking number and give it to my buyers as well.

    If you have another send it other wise you may have to refund her.
  7. ^^^ no, it's not a joke. . . is it funny?

    ^she doesn't have a tracking # since she used 1st class to ship.

    MassLaw is RIGHT ON, if you don't want to refund people, you have to CYA, insurance is not for the buyer, it's for the seller.

    Even eBayers w/ thousands of feedback haved no idea that they were responsible for packeges being delivered.
  8. Hmmm...that may not seem like a lot of money to some people, but it is enough to buy a weeks worth of school lunches for my son!

    I agree, just refund her the money. Good luck.
  9. well..I was just curious to know whether the item was 15.00 or 100.00 if you guys stuck to your policy or not. Thanks anyways
  10. Usually, Paypal just asks for proof of shipping (IOW-Delivery confirmation) I think if you purchased your label online (through the eBay system), you'd be able to provide that proof of delivery, even for 1rst class.

    If I'm selling a bag or item over $50, I incorporate the insurance into the shipping cost.
  11. You need to pay for delivery conf if sending 1st class mail/
  12. the thing is. . . it's NOT an enforcable policy. . . eBay and Paypal require the SELLER to make sure that package gets there, no matter what you say in your terms about insurance, doesn't matter how much the item sells for.
  13. ^^^Can you post a link from eBay about that, Swank. I don't see how it's possible for eBay or Paypal to require the seller to ensure the package arrives. Once you hand that package to your carrier be it FedEx, UPS or USPS, it's up to them to deliver the package. The only way the seller themselves could ensure it gets to their buyer is to deliver it themself.

    I know Paypal requires insurance and signature delivery on items over $250, but that's the only requirement I'm aware of.

    Enlighten us, please. :confused1:
  14. I always send my items USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation which of course includes a tracking number. It's free when I print out postage from my computer and it's peace of mind for me. Sorry this happened to you.
  15. ^^^The problem with delivery confirmation is that the carrier just scans the number and plops the package in the mailbox or on the person's front door stoop. It doesn't guarantee that it is placed in the person's hand like a signature confirmation does. At $1.75, signature confirmation is a bargain and can't be argued whether the person got it or not because there is a signature to prove they did.