I need some help on tieing a better bow..

  1. Hey can anyone here give some good instructions on how to tie my new tattersall scarf into a bow?? i really cant get it loook the way it should lol.. any pics or help would be appreciated thanks so much:heart:
  2. umm.. takes practice!

    i folded my oblong in half did that half knot thing in the middle..

    and did that over and under around the tree in the hole thing.. lol

    but i did it upside down.. like i was looking down at my bag

    did u get that? lol
  3. :lol::nogood::lol:
    totally didn't get that:p
  4. lol.. that went over my head haha
  5. It does take practice. I tie the scarf around the strap in a knot first - not too tight though, dont want to dent in the leather! Then just do the right loop, bring around the left side over the loop w/my thumb in the middle (Im doing it in the air as I type this!) and pull it through. I think the important part is once you get a decent bow, you have to fool around with it to make it look good. Like fluff out the bow parts, push the fabric around by the knot so that the two bottom parts lie the way you want them to. I know you saw my pictures on my ergos, but here they are again.
    ergo set 003.jpg
  6. Oh and the tattersall scarf is a silkier fabric, so its a little harder to make it look not too floppy. The polka dot scarf, and the other signature heart scarf that I have ,seem to be a heavier silk, so they tend to stay better.
  7. Thanks, I'm going to give it a try. Anything is better than how many of my attempts have turned out. Thanks for the instructions.
  8. lol thanks let me try it haha.. and I love your bows they are so cute
  9. lol can u please come here and show me haha
  10. Haha! Luckily the Madeline comes w/ the bow already tied! I think you are doing fine! A lot better than I did when I retied the bow on Madeline....I untied the bow like a dork. Don't ask me why.
  11. is your bow loose enough so that it still can move up and down on the strap?
  12. oh well i tried.. lol

    tie a normal bow but do it as if you are looking down at the bag instead of looking at it. kinda like upside down?

    i give up.. =)
  13. oops nevermind..haha!

  14. lol thanks.. I am preparing for when I get my madeline lol I heard it comes loose or untied easy :sad:
  15. Yes, but only if I push it up. I dont want it too loose - then it might work its way untied and I'll lose it without even noticing!