I need some help in the foundation department?

  1. I have fairly good skin. I don't break-out even though my skin is a tad on the oily side and I'm very loyal to my skin care routine.
    Because of this, I don't wear foundation. Tried it once and hated it. I only use powder (Clinique super-sheer or super-soft or super-something pressed powder). But I really want to start getting wearing a little foundation to make my skin look really flawless. I need something light and barely there (I don't want to look like I'm wearing foundation) but still gives my skin a healthy glowing flawless look. Any suggestions?
    And on another note, has anyone tried Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer?
  2. I have the same type of skin that you do and I just purchased Chanel Vitalumiere. I wanted something that wouldn't be too matte, but wouldn't cake up. I wanted to look kind of glowy and flawless. I've been using this for a week and I love it! It's pricey @ $52, but IMO it's worth it because it's giving me the exact coverage I was looking for! Here's a link:

  3. I also use a Chanel product adn wholeheartedly recommend it.
    I also have pretty good skin and haven't liked the full coverage foundation's provide.
    I have been using chanel's HydraMax in Sunlit for almost a year and it's perfect! It's a tinted moisturizer so it's 2 in 1, it's pretty transparent but evens my skin tone out.
    The first weekend I used it we went on a Mexico cruise and those are still my most favorite photos of me because my skin was flawless for the first time!
  4. I use Hydramax in sunlit too!been using it a long time and ADORE IT!!!!its just a tinted moisturizer so its barely there but sets your makeup nicely
  5. I was going to recommend the same thing! I love this one and liquid is the best kind of foundation for you since it gives a sheer to medium coverage. Make sure you use a sponge applicator, not your fingers to blend. It gives you a nice glow and if you pick the right shade, it looks very natural and doesn't look super cakey. You definitely want to stay away from cream foundations..that gives heavy coverage and will most likely just clog your pores. Good luck!!!
  6. i agree with ellacoach and priin!! i LOVE that chanel foundation! i would also suggest armani - those are the two that I switch between and they are both great!
  7. Another vote for Chanel! I've had both Vitalumiere and Teint Innocence. My favourite by far is Teint Innocence. It really made my skintone completely even (and I have yellow areas around my lips, reddish round my nose, that kind of thing), and I look flawless both IRL and in pics.

    I have the compact cream version; but there's a liquid one out there if you need less coverage than I do. Definitely worth every buck!
  8. I have not tried the Chanel, but have tried the Neutrogena one you referred to. I really liked it!
  9. Aside from the Chanel Vitalumiere, I also suggest the teint innocence compact that missmustard mentioned. I use that right now and it's fantastic!!! You should probably stick to the Vitalumiere because it is a sheer coverage. You do not need the coverage of the teint innocence.
  10. I've just discovered mineral foundation - until then all i used was some tinted moisturiser. give it a try it's great for looking natural but making your skin look flawless. i'm hopeless at applying liquid foundation but found the mineral powder really easy to use.
    i use lily lolo stuff ( from the Uk) but everyone seems to have good things to say about everyday minerals too and you can get free samples to try. Do a search on here and you'll find loads of info.
  11. Giorgio Armani Silk Powder Foundation. so finely milled...
  12. i acutally just bought the neutrogena heathly skin enhancer and i love it...its really like and its just enough cover. i dont like the feel of makeup on my face and i normally hate foundation but this is really really nice...i really like it!
  13. I recommend mineral foundation with a good brush that will allow you to just dust a little bit on. If you're not into foundation, I think you might be bothered by the feel of liquid makeup :shrugs:
  14. I highly recommend Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals. So far it is the only think I have found that doesn't clog my pores and evens out my complexion. I have oily AND dry skin that is prone to breaking out a LOT! Ever since using Bare Minerals, I have had less and less breakouts. I also have a lot of red marks from healing acne and it is good at covering that up as well. The only think that sometimes will bother me is when I don't spend enough time blending and it looks too powdery on my face, but that's my fault.

    I just started lusting over Chanel makeup and was considering trying some of their foundation. Any recommendations for my skin type would be appreciated, too. I really want to cover up all my healing acne scars and have as flawless, natural looking complexion as I can...
  15. I was going to say to start with Chanel Hydramax but I see my two girls - Jill and Swanky -- beat me to it. Jill got me hooked on it. I think it's the best way to ease into foundation. Let us know how it goes.