i need some help deciding!!

  1. hi everyone! i'm interested in getting a leight but i can't decide on a color..i'm torn between the black and the whiskey...i've always wanted a bag in whiskey but i just don't know if the whiskey looks that great on the leigh...however i really like the black leigh...but i already have a black mandy...i just dont know if its practical to have 2 big bags in black though...which is why i am contemplating on the whiskey...

    so my question is what do u guys think of the leigh in whiskey and black...which do u guys prefer? and what do u think i should do?

  2. hhmmm I would probably say black just because the whiskey is harder upkeep but since you already have a black mandy I would definately get the whiskey... I just got the chocolate signature and just :love: her... she is not heavy and the siggy doesn't scream out like on some bags.. she is a beauty!!!! :tup:
  3. I tried on Whiskey IRL and she looked really pretty, like an old burnished baseball glove. And I HEART baseball.
  4. I say whiskey. I have a shoulder bag in whiskey and I :heart: it! I don't find the upkeep on whiskey to be a lot at all! It does scratch a little bit but I have never had one that I couldn't rub out with my finger. The Leigh is gorgeous and I am sure you will LOVE it!!!

    Remember to post pics when you get it!
  5. I am VERY partial to BLACK LEGACY leather, but you already have a black Mandy, so why not try the Whiskey for a change??? Whiskey is a GORGEOUS color as well!!!! OK....I'm NO HELP!!!!!!!! LOL