i need some help/advice on GOLD/SILVER baby cabas please?

  1. hi ladies,

    recently i have seen some gold and silver baby cabas (not the sports version) on eBay and i have fallen in love with the gold one :p The silver one i saw turned out to be a fake.

    i would like to hunt one down with the help of consignors but before i start asking them to help me look for one, i need to know if the gold/silver baby cabas exist? i dont want to sound like an idiot if the gold version did not exist in the first place hehe :nogood:

    i have tried searching the forum and only found one post on it.. it says that the bag is a limited edition bag. Anyone else can confirm that the baby cabas did come in gold/silver leather?

    Thanks everyone! :flowers:
  2. I've seen some on eBay, or at least claiming to be silver or gold.

    Check this out:


    And I did see a listing for a gold cabas but I can't remember if it was a baby cabas or not and I can't find the listing any more.

    Get the bag authenticated first if you're buying off eBay;)

    P.S.- I think I saw your listing for that gorgeous Chanel cotton club tote a while ago. How could you give that up? hehe Just kidding :p
  3. I'm not sure about gold.

    The bag was made in a dark silver (looks like elephant skin to me). However, the ebay one that is posted above is fake (stay far far far away from that seller), so I would definitely like to echo Glamazon's advice to have the bag authenticated before you buy.
  4. Yes, the baby cabas do come in gold and silver, I saw them in a Japanese magazine in April.
  5. OMG i didn't realize it was a fake!:wtf: Sorry for pointing you in the wrong direction. So yes definitely get a bag claiming it's a gold/silver or any bag authenticated by someone other than me.:push: