I need some hair help PLEASE....

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  1. I got my hair highlighted this afternoon, it wasnt anything like i described, so i had it touched up about an hour later. however, now it is way to light and so not natural looking, im so dissapointed! ive never had a bad color job especially from this stylist, whom i have seen regularly for a while now.
    now my question is... how long can i safely wait to have it fixed again? im so careful with my hair id hate to do more damage to it... i plan on deep conditioning tomorrow and trying to style it myself, but whats done is done. id appreciate any help,
    - TYIA -
  2. I had that happen to me. What my stylist did was use a Toner which is not as harsh as a hair dye/bleach to tone down the color/color correction. It worked great! In fact, it ended up looking better than it was before.

    Also, a friend of mine is a brunette dyes her hair ash blonde, and the way they do it is bleach it then use a toner (purple colored) to tone it down to an Ash color.
  3. i'll ask about that, thank you.
    im going to go to another salon i like tomorrow and see what they reccomend to do to get my hair to look like a color that actually could be produced in nature. i'll mention the toner and see what they say, thanks again!
  4. I would just get some demi-permanent color and put that on your whole head. Choose the color you would like for most of your hair to be and it will tone down the highlights, and gradually wash out in about 6 shampoos, which should give you time to plot a more comprehensive and lasting strategy, and give your hair a chance to rest from the harsh chemicals - which demi-permanent doesn't have, so it won't hurt your hair in its delicate state.